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Quick Reaction Puts out Blaze on Ridgewood Avenue

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photo courtesy of Boyd Loving’s Facebook page
July 8,2015
the staff of the Ridgewood blog
Ridgewood NJ, Ridgewood Police report on 07/06/2015 patrol units responded to the rear of 158 East Ridgewood Avenue for a report of a vehicle fire. Patrol officers were first to arrive and determined that a 4 door sedan was engulfed in flames. Patrol units also determined that the vehicle was unoccupied. The vehicle was extinguished and no other property damage was caused. The owner of the vehicle reportedly left it running while inside a restaurant.

According to sources the Volkswagen Jetta was being used as a delivery vehicle by the Tito Burrito’s restaurant in Ridgewood was destroyed by an engine compartment fire shortly after 5 PM on Monday, 07/06. The vehicle was parked behind the restaurant at the time of the fire. Ridgewood FD units responded to quell the blaze. No injuries were reported. The vehicle was removed from the scene by a flatbed tow truck.


6 thoughts on “Quick Reaction Puts out Blaze on Ridgewood Avenue

  1. Would leaving it running make it go on fire?

  2. @12.04pm: No, but I suspect that the car was probably over-worked and under-serviced given its use as a delivery vehicle.

  3. no,

  4. a bad wire , or may be it was the air bag.

  5. The delivery guy was keeping food warm by leaving it under the car’s hood. A burrito explosion is what caused the fire.

  6. Yes, the Mexican Methane combination can be lethal….

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