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RCRD (formerly CBR) Endorses Knudsen & Sedon for Ridgewood Village Council

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Dear Residents and RCRD/CBR Supporters:

Ridgewood Citizens for Reasonable Development (RCRD), formerly known as CBR (Citizens for a Better Ridgewood), proudly announces a strong endorsement for Mayor Susan Knudsen and Deputy Mayor Michael Sedon in their re-election to Village Council.

RCRD/CBR is committed to ensuring that Ridgewood thrives with fitting development and proper master planning. For many years, Susan and Mike’s positive words and actions have been closely aligned with our cause. Right now, they are spearheading Ridgewood’s first New Master Plan in over three decades. This long overdue, “real” Master Plan will include broad outreach to Residents ensuring that our voices are finally fully heard in the planning arena. Work on it begins this year.

That’s not all they’ve done. Promptly upon taking office, they repealed Ordinance #3066, the loophole that opened the floodgates for oversized development in Ridgewood. During the high-density crisis, they fought overdevelopment and spoke and voted with our interests at heart. It was never easy and the other side came at them relentlessly, and often wrongly. But they never backed down.

The high-density housing issue is far from over. Right now, outside forces are trying to impose high-density “overlay development zones” throughout Ridgewood, including in residential areas. This could open our Village to more oversized development in the future. We need Susan and Mike’s experience to limit this.

Susan and Mike have earned our support. There is a reason that other resident-focused groups, including C.R.R. (“the Valley group”) and Friends of Schedler, endorsed Susan and Mike as well. Susan and Mike look out for us, our Village and they wisely represent all Residents of Ridgewood. In our many meetings with them, we’ve found their only agenda is to put Ridgewood first. They promote positives, not negatives. We need more of that.

In just two years as Mayor and Deputy Mayor, Knudsen and Sedon have made Ridgewood a stronger and kinder community. So much of the division and negativity we experienced from the prior administration is gone. For a long time, RCRD/CBR had to mobilize supporters to attend every Planning Board and Village Council meeting to ensure that nothing unexpected could happen without notice to Residents. For the past two years we have been able to call off that guard. That’s because we know the Council is in such experienced, open and honest hands.

Please help Susan Knudsen and Mike Sedon finish the important job they started.


If you have any questions, please email RCRD at [email protected]


Dave Slomin
Christine Clay
Todd McNamara
Ellen McNamara

Community Outreach,
Ridgewood Citizens for Reasonable Development

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  1. Where did the money go, which we had donated to RCRD? Are the accounts available anywhere?

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