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Reader says Affordable housing can be beneficial to a handful of people but can be devastating to so many more

CBD high density housing

This affordability thing is one of the most perverted things I have come across.. How can an organization such as Fair Share housing have so much leverage in dictating their agenda. How can they play as they wish with the quality of life of so many towns, villages and people who have worked hard to make it where they are living now. Affordable housing can be beneficial to a handful of people but can be devastating to so many more. Yet there is no public outrage when they impose totally unrealistic numbers to nice towns without giving a sh!t in how people in these places feel about this. Local governments feel so powerless even though they represent the will of of local population.There are plenty of affordable places in NJ. Whoever can’t afford Ridgewood, HoHoKus, Montvale etc. can move to Paterson, Clifton etc. This has nothing to do with humanism, this is total abuse.

9 thoughts on “Reader says Affordable housing can be beneficial to a handful of people but can be devastating to so many more

  1. Montvale lost their battle…615 new homes, 112 of which will be Affordable…

  2. Overdevelopment is the most pressing issue facing those of us who own homes in Ridgewood. The “affordable housing” scheme is socialism, pure and simple, as it is designed to redistribute wealth from those who worked hard and saved.

    Ridgewood has done nothing to fight this scourge. Sadly, our last Mayor and his cronies fostered overdevelopment. But we can no longer blame the former regime, as the cronies have lost their clout. Besides, we can’t deny Ridgewood’s development shills openly touted the view of a Ridgewood re-modeled in the mold of a communist 1950’s Eastern European city. And that is what Ridgewood and the rest of New Jersey will slowly devolve into if this forced redistribution of property is not brought to a halt, now.

    It is not clear what our current council is doing as our property values delcine and our taxes rise. The housing projects now underway in Ridgewood will weigh us down like anchors made of disgarded heaps of socialist concrete housing blocks. And what if we really do need thousands of more units to satisfy the courts’ hunger for buildings to re-order our society? This Council needs to take action. We need somthing more than debates over the number of construction trucks that will be allowed to speed through our Village streets each day (a move akin to re-arranging deck chairs on the Titanic.)

    Positive action is possible. Among other things, our council should be acting in tandem with other towns to stop this overdevelopment nonsense. The overdevelopment crisis should be an agenda item at every council meeting. It is that serious.

    We need a vision to move forward. Council elections are not that far off in the future, and we need to consider whether those running are ready to provide such vision, or if they too will stand still in the myopic self-delusion that seems to grip so many.

  3. we’re stupid socialists.. why should we care?

  4. Remember 2-5 years and the current Valley location will be a good number of affordable housing units

    The same folks who vote for leaders who support these ideas seem to be shocked when it hits home

    The new governor and team are all for this with Bergen County and towns like RW in the cross hairs

    Valley will be missed and those who voted for all of this will seem shocked

  5. If you don’t think Aronsohn et al have been indoctrinating people to run for council next spring, you aren’t paying attention.

  6. Every one of the above posts gives a clear example of what Ridgewood is really all about. “Redistribution ” “scourge ” “housing projects”.
    You people are just so completely self centered its borderline appalling.
    You worked so hard did you? At the big bank in NYC where they taught you how to “Wells Fargo ” all your clients? Right 11:18?
    You think your biggest problem is your perceived arrival of George Jefferson and the subsequent demise of steppford wood. Your wrong. Remember you just vote Big Murph to be our next Gov and he’s going to have his foot so far up your Ridgewood Counntry Club ass your heads going to spin. Shocked ? Yea, I bet you are…..

  7. 1113- – – those of us opposed to overdevelopment are a mixed lot. You would know this if you have been at the Village meetings and part of the debate. The charge of racism is completely off base. It was something generated by the pro-development crowd last time and it simply had no basis in fact. And, as more than one person asked in response to these false arguments, are “you people” in favor of overdevelopment saying that diversity is only achieved through sub-standard housing?

  8. Yes yes yes 722 your a mixed lot alright. White, whiter and whitest.
    And through the your rose colored glasses a respectable apartment/town house is always going to look “sub-standard” because that’s how you view everyone else around you. It’s impressive that you made all the meetings but painfully obvious that you were there for one reason only. Your opposition stance and your comment above deflecting the racism charge speaks volumes of who you really are and YOUR agenda.

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