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Reader asks How will that garage benefit any of the residents?

Hudson garage

It seems that very few people can even think of a realistic reason to build the garage. Add to Ridgewood taxes so people in other towns can park near the station? Provide extra parking for the builders who refuse to supply what is legally required? (How are they getting by with that, anyway? Did they change the town rules about how much parking is required for any construction? Or do they think their building permits do not require adequate parking? Council, the doctor on Broad Street has plenty of parking and has been struggling for several years to be able to use the 210 building which she owns. Why do outsiders get by with every single thing they want?) This building on Hudson doesn’t do anything for Ridgewood residents, except taking away a large part of the parking for Mt. Carmel’s activities. Two decks might help in separate parts of town but no-one is going to walk from Hudson to Oak, much less further. The only beneficiaries will be the commuters and the apartment dwellers, and for that Ridgewood must have higher and later parking fees as well as an astronomical increase in our taxes? At least the schools benefit OUR children. How will that garage benefit any of the residents?

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  1. Not one of the current or former council members have ever stated publicly why they think that the new apartments are good for Ridgewood. These developments are just causing more issues for our already stretched budget and resources.

    Last summer, we were forced to obey restrictions on watering our lawns due to a water shortage. Because I followed the rules, my lawn died. What will happen when the water demand is increased because of these new apartments? why is this good for Ridgewood?
    why is this good for our schools? (my child’s class class size is close to 30)
    why is this good for people who walk or drive through our town? (it is already congested)
    why is this good for anyone besides the developers?

  2. 11:43
    because it is far from’s Ugly & Bad.

  3. ANON – we know you are DPL, we know your style of many questions. Also, we know your style of not knowing what you are talking about. These council people did not let the high density housing go through. Stop spreading inaccuracies. Aronsohn Hauck and Pucciarelli let the developers in. THIS council stopped the madness in the summer of 2016. But they could not undo what had already been approved.

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