candlelight vigil at Emmanuel Baptist Church photo by Boyd Loving

I wonder if the participants are really against violence. My suspicion is that they very likely are Trump haters which by supporting the extreme left in their mission to destroy Trump indirectly support violence. Would a vigil have taken place if someone from the other side was killed? NEVER. In addition the alt left is removing historical monuments through violence. This is hypocrisy at its best. Amazing how many sheep live in this village.

Did they in their dozens (never hundreds) decry poop-urine cocktail-throwing bike-lock clubbing George Soros-funded-and-organized leftist thug violence, or just off-their-meds kook lone-wolf never-really-cared-about-Trump-and-is-probably-a-closet-jihadi-muslim-because-he-rammed-a-crowd-with-his-car violence? Because people who value accurate history and civil stability are typically non-violent by nature. The violent ones after the advent of MAGA Trumpism have always been the crackpot minority of Trump-opposing unthinking punks, never the legions of mild-mannered Trump supporters. To claim the contrary is a lie that accurate historical accounts will never support despite the destructive efforts of the U.S. fake news cretins.