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Reader asks ,”What the hell is going on”

Please. They should be on a timer. Why are we having so many different problems in town. What the hell is going on. It’s amazing. Everything from the lawn not getting cut in town. What is the problem. We can’t even get Porta John’s cleaned out on Maple field. Forget about the lighting. You can’t make this poop up. Well last year the Porta John was over flowing with a duty. Who the hell is in charge.

11 thoughts on “Reader asks ,”What the hell is going on”

  1. The answer is patently obvious, and is the culmination of several evolving factors.

    1. The public sector has its hard workers, but they are in the distinct minority. Most are in it for the benefits and relative job security. Hiring and promotions are heavily influenced by a system of favors, nepotism, and political rewards. The net result is sub-standard management and work quality.

    2. Costs. This public sector is financially unsustainable due to the pay and benefits system, as well as the overall poor management of spending. This end up with tax-payer complaints and then the need to trim costs. The trimming is done by job cuts and these job cuts are not carried out efficiently. They are done in the same way as the hiring is done, and those that are eliminated are the ones with the least amount of good connections.

    There are other factors, but these are the overwhelming reasons why the grass isn’t getting cut, your roads look like they were bombed, and the portapotties are overflowing.

  2. It rained like “hell” for what, ten days? Give the Village a chance to catch up on cutting the grass before you include that in your bill of particulars. That is, unless you don’t mind looking like a troll, out to damage non-Voigt members of the VC by any means necessary.

  3. Just do your job it looks like sh $t

  4. Love the lazy aholes making excuses , get to work

  5. If the parks and recs employee don’t work on the days when it rains, may be we need to switch to contractors who are paid only on days when there is work?

  6. You could be cutting grass on the NJ TPKE.
    Be glad you have this cushy job and just do it.

  7. Pick up the garbage, some of the cans are overflowing. Wake up . Who is in charge .
    Cut the grass.
    Empty the cans.
    Stop worrying about fire wood.
    Clean up and make all repairs to the pool.
    Call the company that cleans out the porta john on maple field, must be done a few times a week.

  8. … many First World problems. Oh the humanity!

  9. Maybe time for a new village manager and a new parks and rec director. Obviously this job is too big for them

  10. It’s after 5:00pm on a Friday. None of the Village employees are available to answer all of these important questions.

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