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Reader asks Where’s the humanity?

hit and Run

It always amazes me when someone who has hit someone with a car, presumably by accident, drives away. Everybody knows that’s a crime. Maybe drivers who have been drinking, using drugs, or even texting are too scared that they will get in trouble. But to leave the person lying in the street is almost unimaginable. In this case the driver “stopped to check on the victim” but didn’t wait for emergency help to arrive before departing. Where’s the humanity?

3 thoughts on “Reader asks Where’s the humanity?

  1. The people who hit and run are almost always:

    1. The young. They have difficulty accepting what happened, panic, and flee. Their thoughts are all about keeping it from their parents, who likely fund their driving.
    2. Illegals. For obvious reasons.
    3. Those who know that bigger trouble awaits, such as they’re drunk, high, have outstanding warrants, no insurance, suspended licence, etc.

  2. 4. Asshole that don’t care about anyone but themselves.

  3. Well, if they are found, and sometimes they are, the judge will not look kindly upon them.

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