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Reader calls Harwin another Aronsohn “Bobble Head “

Hilarious. Harwin 3 supporters have come out of the woodwork and are as bright as she is (sarcasm)
Look. She knows nothing. Aronosoh will sell her like the pig he is. Look what they did to poor Gwenn?? Little bobble head. When Saraceno and Paul or Albert would give her the nasty head shake when her drunken ramblings went on too long. She would clam up. Harwin they think you’re a puppet. You don’t even know that. Adorable. Go away now.

15 thoughts on “Reader calls Harwin another Aronsohn “Bobble Head “

  1. I don’t think Harwin is a complete puppet. She actually can turn out to be worse than her boss. She gives me the impression of an extreme left “human rights” lawyer nut who sees white privilege in every non minority resident in town. Also she seems hell bent in lgbtqrstbrnhdt “rights”. She has her own agenda and may be using Aronsohn as a vehicle to get to what she wants. She is cute but scary. Village doesn’t interest her.
    Also I am shocked as to how superficial many residents in this town are. I have seen signs of her popping out in multiple yards in my street after they had a coffee with her and Willett. One thing I notice is that most of them are either lawyers or elderly with no kids in school.

  2. Ryan, is there a difference between a puppet and a complete puppet? She is following Paul’s advice of lies and deception.

  3. 10:07AM – I am relieved to see that someone else noticed the number of attorneys in town supporting Harwin. I was beginning to think I was crazy. And I think you are right about her playing Aronshon; I think she is using him to get what she wants. No interest at all in local issues. It seems to me that Ms. Harwin may be using Ridgewood as a stepping stone for a national platform . . . that worked out so well for Paul.

  4. Sexist ramblings of small handed white privileged men. Gwenn needed coaching from three men. Harwin can’t compete without Paul. Do you all hear yourselves? Sad!

  5. Harwin is smarter than aronsohn which, of course, is not much of a stretch. But she is clearly not one bit interested in Ridgewood, only in ger own personal agenda. Toxic combo. Recipe for disaster

  6. They have been quite a few posts over the years implying that Aronsohn, or others planned to use their village council position as a stepping stone. I ask, stepping stone to what? Have any previous council members used their status as a former council-person to do other things politically or otherwise? I am truly confused and want to understand what is being implied- “using Aronson to get what she wants”. Well, what kind of national platform do you get from being a village of ridgewood council person?

  7. Bernie ran for something once. She lost, then returned to the Council.

  8. Ms. Harwin does not know the town issues. Paul Aronsohn is behind all the vitriol in this campaign as in past campaigns. He is not a good man. You are his friend until you disagree with him and then the gloves are off and he will do his best to discredit you. He has/ had hopes for higher political offices. He has lost many who might have backed him because of the way he operates.

  9. She is not cute.. maybe smart but just about anyone breathing is smarter than Gwen…#justsayin

  10. It’s really amazing that the Mayor’s versions of Sean Hannity get all this local airtime. Maybe they will all have the same lawyer too.

  11. We have to assume that graduating from an ivy league school qualifies her as smart and no one is debating that. But not every smart person has the smarts to be an elected official. It would be helpful to understand from the candidate that qualifies her. So far that message and those little details are not getting out to the public in large enough quantities and if she waits forthe last week in the month, it will betoo late and insufficient.

  12. I am really afraid that this election is more about people who are against the good guys (Knudsen/Sedon) because they feel they have been “do nothings” and the “others”. Please think back a few years when “the others” controlled everything and did what they wanted to do, regardless of what the town wanted. Look at those proposed multi-millions developments they stuck us with. Our schools will be overloaded, the extra traffic will be a nightmare, and people will try to avoid the whole thing rather than rushing to buy everything in Ridgewood. And it was all securely set in stone by “the others” so our present council could do nothing but try to make it easier on the village residents. Please do not try to make things “better” by replacing our present members with”the others”. Anyone who has lived here even a year should be well aware of the damage they caused. If you don’t like “the Health Barn” please remember that it was “the others” who allowed it and continually heavily support it. If you want more of friends being given everything they want, vote for Hardin/Aronsohn. If you want to see some sanity, vote for Knudson/Sedon. Even splitting your vote between one of each group is not a good idea. Jeff will have lots of support if either of “the others” gets elected. Also, please don’t not vote at all because “there is no-one you feel like you can support.” If you fail to vote, the bad guys win. Please think about that before you stay home on election day!

  13. 1020 – – dont agree that a diploma makes anyone “smart” – – but agree with the rest of your comment – – am only looking at the conduct of her campaign and what little i have seen of it and the number of things i have heard about it suggests she has no clue about what she is doing or why she belongs on our village council.

  14. In terms of smart…..Jeff Voigt and Donald Trump both went to Wharton. No further comment.

  15. 1:00 thabj you, sexisy ramblings – are people truly threatened by a smRt woman? A civil rights attorney, not a “so called attorney ” as Knudsen ranted from the dias.
    And how do you get invited to a “coffee” or meet and greet with the candidates?

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