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Reader Calls it the Summer Special ,Residents take off and the Board Of Education and Village Council spend, spend, spend


SUMMER SPECIAL where all the rotten deals for the taxpayers get their of other people’s future loss making obligation foisted on all the Taxpapers
fish bank construction of a new massive restaurant refurbishment means the fix has been in for over a year or more.
complete abrogation of fiscal governance .A huge scandal.
these folks will be long gone when the deficits wash up on the taxpayers ..
then welcome the car rental companies and other low class operatkons in the loss making town garage .traffic during evening rush hours and evenings will be harmful to that neighborhoods schools churches and families living in that district .its being done for the money people many who don’t even live here .FOLLOW THE MONEY

10 thoughts on “Reader Calls it the Summer Special ,Residents take off and the Board Of Education and Village Council spend, spend, spend

  1. They waited us out folks..easily done when the patience involved is ALOT of other people’s money for loss making parking operations in the next 30 can’t manage basic maintenance of any town roads..

    Roads were not abandoned 10 to 15 years ago..has to be the management of our taxes that was the failure.

    Town looks like crap.

  2. The town is dirty, they are not sweeping the roads like they used to. I would love to do Nopa request on the sweeping this year compared to years back.

    Mr. Vander been

  3. The timing is very convenient isn’t it

  4. since most municipal garages in small towns loose tons of money especially as their Maintainance cost rise but revenue does not we are in for an epic boondoggle to benefit the rental and condo developers and the restaurants since most of the core small businesses proove themselves over years and people find parking and walk in..example Rite Aid , movie theater ,UPS USPO lighting and shoe stores outside of the developers and restaurant speculators why the hell would we take that liability on..ESP if a private company would see this type of a peak use garage as a money looser day one.Commuters might at first experiment with low day rates and we then attract more cars zooming home on our crippled street to make it to route 17 or main Avenues and neighborhoods towards midland park,Glen Rock and others .For what the restaurant speculators people are out of your minds to build this slum

  5. Who will clean it, the little boy. ??? Yes him.

  6. Can we get New Jersey transit to sweep the bottom right on route 17 please that parking lot is so bad looking.. I parked there every single day. It’s just very dirty

  7. The little boy eating the ice cream in front of Van Neste?

  8. The garage is being built solely for the apartments who will then get a quantity discount that is lower than the actual cost to Ridgewood. Have you noticed the builders offering to pay part of the construction? Restaurants and stores much beyond Walnut will not get one bit of additional business from the garage but even those few won’t commit a cent to the construction. As many said, before you build a garage, see what will happen if Ridgewood starts enforcing repeat parking, marking the tires in such a way that they can’t be rubbed off or just rolling the car a little bit. Easily done with 2 marks on each outside tire at different locations so one would always be showing. Also these business complainers who blame everyone but their employees should enforce the parking rule as well. The lot where they wish to build the garage could be repaved and restriped with diagonal parking at each end and restriping of all the center lanes would provide much more parking than the garage is going to actually allow non-commuters if villagers cannot use but the ground floor. The ground floor as presently described in the garage will not even give as as much space as we currently have without the re-striping. If on the remaining downtown streets they would convert to diagonal parking on one side and parallel on the other, we would gain a lot of spaces. And lastly, take away the favored businesses extra reserved spots where their valet picks up, or where it has to be marked yellow for no parking because an illegal wall blocks parking spots. Do either of these precious to the Village properties pay the town for the parking meter charge that would be normally earned with removal of their illegal blockades? Two meters to a spot would really add up as you know they would be constantly used. Since Susan and Raymond think the Village will just curl up and die without this garage and are going to put it there regardless of objections–why don’t you two take it upon yourselves to count the total spots gained by restriping just in that one parking lot and the on the street parking? And removing the illegal obstacles! If you really wanted an accurate count of what is possible, why don’t you include as a second count all our current parking lots after repaving and restriping? I am sure you could easily come up with over a hundred. Yes, that may not help the commuters much, but who is Ridgewood really for? The commuters who park, maybe grab a coffee and a newspaper, go to work, return, unpark their car and go home? What money or convenience does Ridgewood gain from that? And again, a reduced fee for monthly parking that will not cover our costs. Or for the residents who you are expecting to pay much more in taxes to provide a convenience for the builders (do they leave any money here?). Instead you are forcing Mt Carmel members to use your garage on Sundays and other days that Church is in session (and I’m sure it won’t be free!). I’m going to insult you here but I wish you would rise up out of the poppy field in Oz, put your brains back in your head, and actually think and listen for a change. Are any of you, except Bernie, capable of doing that?
    Also, many of the parishioners are handicapped or have several small children and it is a long walk from the garage even to the side door of Church.

  9. Face it, folks. The village council and Board of Ed are treating the residents of Ridgewood poorly. We are open checkbooks for them. They need to treat our money like they treat their own household budgets, very carefully. I do not spend money that I do not have, why are they paying for things that will never make sense, like a huge parking garage that they already know will lose money. On top of that, buying property so someone else doesn’t buy it and develop it? This is bad. How about creating zoning ordinances that help maintain Ridgewood’s character to made large development unattractive and too difficult that developers will be scared away. I grew up in a NJ town where they have never let in franchises and fast food. No DD, no Starbucks. It is a thriving town where they have kept development reasonable and well thought out. Why can’t we do that here?

  10. Citizens We have lost control of our town..but will pay the invoices for these scandalous errors and boondoggles for decades..many will see the handwriting on the wall and sell..then the newbees will be fresh rubes for the VC and their takers to clean them out as well..because they see the future and it’s all for their backers to cleave off extra unearned value by
    over developing the town and packing up the loot and jetting off to Margaritaville.Folks we are being ripped off.Young families won’t be able to easily sell with multiple kids in VR free but taxed school systems and longer term future college and tax costs so high.we have been gamed folks..

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