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Reader calls Murphy’s plan to make voluntary contributions to pay for local services a tax avoidance scheme


In other words, Gov. Murphy wants you to participate in a transparent tax avoidance scheme that will certainly result in you getting fined out of your wazoo by the IRS. How can people justify their vote for this obvious disaster-in-advance? Christie was a complete jerk, but electing someone who will outdo Corzine, McGreevey and him and as a joke is no solution.



5 thoughts on “Reader calls Murphy’s plan to make voluntary contributions to pay for local services a tax avoidance scheme

  1. The plan doesn’t have to work, it just needs to make the moron voters think the tax and spend Democrats are on their side.
    For Little Josh it’s especially important for his re-election. Keeps the little twerp in the news.

  2. What else can you expect from an ex Goldman Sachs type. Remember when corzine tried to “monetize ” the turnpike and lease it out ? The tolls would be triple if that happened. Remember th government bailout of AIG? That big beneficiary was Goldman Sachs who would have lost their bets with AIG if it was allowed to fail. Th taxpayers bailed out Goldman and fortunately the government actually made a few bucks on deal. But the guys at Goldman always win, and whoever is on the other side Does not necessarily do as well. Be careful with these guys when their arrogant enough to buy their job, just like corzine did. When they have net worth of hundreds of millions th are so out of touch with the regular citizens but are smart enough to buy the democrat votes bc democrats are too fucking stupid to see through the smoke and mirrors. Based on his appointments so far it looks like 4 years of pandering to race and gender

  3. Sanctuary state, check. Legalize weed, check. Dodge taxes, check. Run the earners out of state in favor of illegals, check. Sign a phony net neutrality bill, check. Rub elbows with Joshie and Pauly V at celebratory party, check. Only 47 months left of this fun.

  4. Your right 837 and it plainly shows how incredibly stupid the residents of New Jersey are. Corzine had his foot so far up our asses when the liberal morons put him in office and now we’re simply doing a repeat because that’s how stupid the residents of New Jersey are. If you need me in about 2 years when said NJ Govenor has his foot at about the same legenth up you ass don’t call me in Florida. Your on your own.

  5. I’d he is really serious, then first step should be to allow 100% property tax deductible on state taxes.
    Then complain about federal taxes.

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