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Reader calls residents who don’t Kiss Arse ,”very disruptive”

free speech

Kim rarely ever finds the good in the town or in people, you never see him around town at the pride event, gun violence and awareness, daffodils festivities at van ness, seen at resturants, seen at any park or graydon. Does he volunteer anywhere? Not sure the motivation but it’s very disruptive. If he knows better, perhaps he should run for an open seat upfront, not preaching from the back seat.

7 thoughts on “Reader calls residents who don’t Kiss Arse ,”very disruptive”

  1. Funny – this was suggested by the Aronsohn administration. “If you want to have your opinion heard, run for office”. Suggesting that only those on the dais get to air their point of view. Seems that Mr. Voigt subscribes to this idea as well. I don’t know Mr. Kim and I don’t always agree with him, but his opinions are generally well researched and presented in a civil way. Seems like we need more of that not less.

  2. Maybe Kim doesn’t like participating in feel good, virtue signaling, propaganda events?
    dont know him… just a guess.

  3. This post is so negative and judgmental. Mr. Kim researches everything. His posts are not mean spirited even when he is attacked. Thank god for people who are willing to look into the issues and keep us informed.

  4. Thank God freedom of speech.

  5. Mr. Kim spends a lot of time documenting whatever he presents. Wish the Council, School board, and Library had enough sense to do the same. They seem to just pull abstract ideas out of the air and then stick to them as if they were the Gospel truth–circular stairway? Unneeded garage located in an area where it will be only used by commuters and the owners of the new condos which come with no way nearly adequate parking? The above mentioned groups can’t stand him as he consistently pulls the curtain back to tell us what “the wizards of Oz” are REALLY doing!

  6. Kim is disruptive because he makes people question a dangerously flawed process. In other words, residents normally on auto feed are challenged to use their brain…sorry for the inconvenience.

  7. Steve Kim is an absolute asset to our town. Thank you for ALL the research that you do and all the FACTS that you share. Anyone who speaks badly of you is somehow threatened by the information you provide. Hint hint, the library and the BOE. Keep up the great work, Steve Kim

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