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Reader calls Ridgewood High School “Toxic”

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I am really really concerned about all of the things I hear happen at the high school . It seems that the BOE is only involved or concerned about situations that fall under the state mandate of HIB. If an incident doesn’t fall unde the guidelines of HIB then nothing is done . I want to send my kids to catholic school for high school . The environment at RHS seems toxic. This was a chance for our “leaders” and I use that term lightly , to actually take a stand , implement new programs and actually lead! Shame on them

9 thoughts on “Reader calls Ridgewood High School “Toxic”

  1. What do you “hear happen at the high school?” I’ve put three kids thru the high school, and the staff and administration have been very responsive and caring. Please be a little more specific.

  2. What a ridiculous comment. Kids in catholic school are no different from kids in RHS. Girls in catholic and other private schools also send out nudes from their phones. Boys also fight over girls.

    The only difference is that parents do not get to make a public spectacle out of things. You do not get to call out and berate catholic school management in public. They will simply tell you to get the hell out of their school.

  3. What are the administrators supposed to do? Make snapchats a violation of school policy? Make instagram posts a violation of school policy? Make gathering after school a violation? Make gathering on Saturdays a violation? Why were none of the parents on top of what was going on, why is it school administrators’ faults?

  4. I have had kids go through both Catholic HS and RHS. I agree–the kids themselves are generally no better in the Catholic HS and are capable of just as much trouble. The big difference is the level of discipline. They really do run a pretty tight ship when it comes to even minor infractions and misbehavior. Troublemakers don’t last very long. Many kids need that level of discipline. And of course if you don’t like it then Catholic schools are definitely not for your kids.

    On the other hand, if your kid is very self-disciplined and has a solid core of good friends, RHS can be a great experience. Of course, that sort of kid is likely to succeed anywhere.

  5. OMG. If you think RHS is bad, you’ll probably be horrified at other high schools.

  6. 11:20 – They can run a tight ship because they are not obligated to take your kid. And NOTHING that has been reported out of RHS is out of bounds in terms of behavior compared to what goes on in private schools.
    I find it hilarious that parents raising rotten brats are hounding the school for not fixing them. Apparently parental irresponsibility is not just a ghetto thing.

  7. 11:20 – you nailed it…the parents are usually the problem…

  8. Let’s hope this town doesn’t end up like NYC where you need to send your kids to private school for a safe learning environment.

  9. Unfortunately, there are some parents of bullying kids that still swear by “not my child” and refuse to come into school to meet with authority. Yes, this has been a personal experience. How can any school force any parent to come to school? My child finally stopped it by slugging the other kid. Certainly not a desired solution but it caused the other kid to think twice before taking him on.

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