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Reader calls ,”Valley Affordable Housing Scare ,Grandstanding”


“Valley is not going to build affordable housing there. That “plan” is only if they decide not to have medical facilities there. The article in the paper indicated they are never going to build housing. So all this worrying is for nothing. And all of Councilman Douchebag’s grandstanding is just that – grandstanding.”

6 thoughts on “Reader calls ,”Valley Affordable Housing Scare ,Grandstanding”

  1. I wouldn’t put anything past the politicians. This is not about grandstanding douche bags, this is about dirty politics I don’t give two shits what that paper says. If Valley Hospital decide to sell that property they can and no one can stop them up selling that land that they own all you people that’s stupid. Yes they are plans for the next few years is to run that has a few different medical items that’s in that article. Don’t tell me 10 years down the road if they decide to sell that land to a developer hello wake up stupid.

  2. Well old man, if I owned a house next to a HOSPITAL I would already have bought into the knowledge that I am next to a busy noisy active property.

  3. Voight was right on this one and the others are weenies.

  4. Whoever said Voigt was right is Voigt himself. Voigt was wrong. He was voting for us to break the law. The other four voted the only way that was correct for the TAXPAYERS of this town to avoid major legal issues. He is an asshole, not to mention a douchebag. No, he is neither of those. Those two items serve useful functions and Voigt serves absolutely no useful purpose. Period.

  5. Haha. “Voigt was right on this one.” Said no one. Ever.

  6. Right if you buy a house next to a hospital you have to expect traffic noise sirens not me.

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