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Reader calls Village Council , “shopaholics”

What every single one of them lacks is a financial brain and apparently all also are “shopaholics”, who can’t wait to find something else they can waste money on. As long as they, personally, only have to pay a small part of what they are buying, building, etc., they are all for it. I have to assume they are all personally rich since they don’t seem to care about all the expenses they are signing up, for which the town must pay. The last Council blasted the townspeople if they opposed what the council wanted. This one just keeps whistling along and stating they don’t have ANY knowledge of ANY objections to their expensive plans.

8 thoughts on “Reader calls Village Council , “shopaholics”

  1. Are we able to FUCKING veto all of these purchases? After all, we (the townspeople and the *bosses* of these miscreant “public servants”) are paying for this SHIT!

  2. Bruce is right recall all of them and do it now

  3. I think as a society, we’ve reached a point where debt is simply something we don’t even acknowledge. If any of us managed our own affair or our businesses in such a way, we would very quickly be destitute. But no, we vote for the people that use nice buzzwords, like diversity, equality, safe spaces, inclusion, kids, etc.

  4. we get the government we deserve when we let them spend like drunken sailors .,we should recall all of them restructure the project penalties and sell off that land where parking lot mania has hijacked the whole towns budget for who ..burgher and pasta’s insane..

    people are selling and moving out.,that’s part of the realestate business expansion planning as well..transit village anyone? a complete farce..

  5. Honestly, we should just sack all of these council members (and the Village Manager) who don’t have *OUR* best interests at heart and start over! Drain the Ridgewood swamp, anyone?

    We really should run this town as a business. Most businesses require their employees to “do more with less” (translation: figure it out, otherwise you’re canned). In business, you would NEVER see the type of unaccountable spending that we see in this town. Their spending is a disgrace.

    We need to implement technology solutions to do the jobs of humans. Case in point: the Village “CEO” Heather Mailander is paid a salary of $200,000 per year. Does she deliver $200,000 in value? ABSOLUTELY NOT! Her bloated salary (and many others like it) is part of the problem!

    And, don’t even get me started on the state of the educational institutions in this town. How many students were accepted to Ivy league last year? Four? That’s another disgrace! Other towns have a much better acceptance rate at the Ivies and don’t spend 1/2 the amount per student as Ridgewood does.


  6. Shirley is right..current don’t ask don’t tell policy is a disgrace …start the recall..firing for non performance sends a clear message to troops to move their performance levels up or get canned

    current situation is many times can we
    replace turf fields with plastic and rubber carpet on a floodplain, it’s the work of dolts..who benefits the status quo? the fakers

  7. Shameless spending of other people’s money. Has anyone else noticed that Ridgewood property values – using realized sales values as the measure – are consistently below asking price and in precipitous decline? Given property taxes are linked to assessed values, which will be declining next assessment, shouldn’t the Council and BOE be looking for ways to reflect this reality in their spending ?

  8. Bravo Shameless And Sleepless commentator in RIDGEWOOD .Its take a village folks and that have run off with ours…People are selling long held houses now..expect the Avalanche out of here the center of the Tax &Spend universe and leadership that just ignores those complainers in the new Potterville…why? they are never held to account..a bank with no locks…

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