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Reader claims Extra Credit Ticket , ” teacher is Gorman’s niece”

Ridgewood Police at RHS

” I have spoken with the parent. She DID go to the teacher. Then she went to the department head. Got nowhere. Then she went to Gorman and Nyhuis. Again, got nowhere. Told them she felt unheard and had no where left to go then to the BOE. She followed every guideline the school gives on how to proceed. This could have ended so easily if those at all the meetings had just said they would look into it and look into policy. But they didn’t. And I have been in meetings like this as well with that administration. They don’t listen, and I’m sure legally cannot ever say anything at all. So they nod and make you feel unheard. This woman was not asking for extra points for her daughter’s grade- she couldn’t care less if her daughter got the one point she wanted by doing extra credit- she told her daughter to respect the teacher’s decision. But when on the VERY NEXT DAY the teacher offered extra credit for attending BergenFest, which was not even in that marking period, the s*&t hit the fan. PLUS FYI the teacher is Gorman’s niece!!! “

14 thoughts on “Reader claims Extra Credit Ticket , ” teacher is Gorman’s niece”

  1. How about a Nyuis daughter telling everyone that her father fixes her late to school record so that it doesn’t compile absenses. The BOE turns a blind eye when needed. A simple IT investigation would have proven this infraction.

  2. The ONLY thing keeping this out of wider media coverage is political bias in reporting.

  3. Well, well, well. What else is being covered up?

  4. Why is Gorman’s niece working at RHS? Duh? Couldn’t she have been assigned to another Ridgewood school, perhaps one at which her uncle is not the principal? What a bunch of morons at the BOE! Fishbein should be fired right now for allowing something like this. Absolutely insane operation they’re running. More to come, I guess.

  5. Well, well,well, what say we NOW all you BOE defenders????

  6. If a niece as a teacher is not a close enough relative to the principal of the school to trigger legitimate ethical concerns, then said niece need not be shielded from disciplinary action, if warranted. Can’t have it both ways.

  7. So, let me get this straight – A reader above alleges that the Jeffrey M. Nyhuis, Assistant Principal, Guidance, Curriculum & Instruction at Ridgewood High School, routinely accesses the school’s computer system to change his daughter’s tardy report history? Wow! And this has never been brought to the attention of anyone outside of the school, even though the child has reportedly been overheard bragging about it? That place is out of control! Time for an outside agency to come in and review everything.

  8. Incompetence. These people have abused their position of trust and can’t be trusted to educate and mentor our children. Time to drain this swamp. Heads must roll.

  9. Jennie Smith Wilson, where are you and the Board? There are serious ethical & governance questions being raised here, and your employees Fishbein, Gorman and Nyhuis are trying to cover it up. The stench of rotten leadership is overwhelming. Please do your job and fire these incompetent employees. They have abused their position of trust and authority, and they cannot be entrusted with the education & mentorship of our children. We parents and taxpayers deserve better for $111 million a year.

  10. BoE and administration has invited this to themselves by refusing to resolve mutually

  11. I’m late to the party here… what subject are we talking about…?

  12. “I’m late to the party here… what subject are we talking about…?”
    The Ginormous Garage…

  13. I’ll type slowly…what academic subject are we talking about ?

  14. “I’ll type slowly…what academic subject are we talking about ?”
    Lazy Readers unwilling to do their own research.

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