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Reader claims , “Ridgewood police say it is an organized group with workers getting dropped off in neighborhoods to find cars”

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“We thwarted an attempted car theft from my driveway in Ridgewood near the same area the next night, Thursday the 11th. They came by about at 3am. Ridgewood police say it is an organized group with workers getting dropped off in neighborhoods to find cars. While locking will help, that is not all there is to it. They have technology and can sometimes unlock locked cars (think of your universal remote) and also they have successfully made duplicate keys for cars they find and want then come back later. So those of you that are posting smugly with no sympathy for your neighbors that have been victims might be surprised if you could be a victim too someday. Even more upsetting is that if we catch they guys like in the videos, they are just the punks recruited from Paterson or Newark. But the car theft business will continue on with new recruits.”

14 thoughts on “Reader claims , “Ridgewood police say it is an organized group with workers getting dropped off in neighborhoods to find cars”

  1. The RPD are a complete joke and have zero chance of catching anyone. We have hired local kids who avoid any situation that could result in confronting a real criminal. When is the last time the police arrested a robber in action? They can’t respond to a issue because they need multiple backups even though they carry a gun. In the last year (give or take) they had 2 officers leave the force. One failed a state sponsored drug test and the other was arrested by the FBI for several issues. What insurance company is stupid enough to insure this department? Did the chief lose his job over these 2 officers? Nope. Will he lose his job for failing to keep the town safe from thieves? Nope.

  2. You know what I think I think they are scoping out the area all through the day. They have a list of what kind of cars they need come on.

  3. I love when RPD leaves empty cars on Grove Street or Glen Avenue….

  4. Yeh That is a jokester

  5. what make/brand of cars have been stolen/targeted?

  6. How about a sting operation with expensive cars left in driveways where they don’t belong? Put a broken laptop and an empty wallet on the seat and wait for the thieves to pounce.

  7. That’s just brilliant H…
    I don’t think HE will be loosing HIS job anytime soon because
    HE is a SHE.
    Fucking moron.

  8. The police found the car stolen from Woodside Avenue in Newark.

  9. Any day of the week you can take a car so easy, how well just stand outside any Starbucks look how many people keep your car is running keys in it just hopped in and takeoff. Going from the Dunkin’ Donuts same thing. How about 7-Eleven same shit. What about dry cleaners yes they keep their cars running drop off their clothes. At all these locations all kinds of people all kinds of cars Look for your self this is been going on my whole life.

  10. Because it’s too hard to turn off the ignition? Because god forbid the air conditioning would shut down for two minutes? Besides polluting the world, that is an invitation to theft.

    Recently a couple in Philly left their three kids in the car and it was stolen. The driver was caught and killed by an angry mob.

    Turn off the ignition. Remove your keys, laptop, wallet, cash, piles of jewels, and yes, children. Lock the car. Repeat in reverse. Or find a drive-thru.

  11. The problem is not cars getting stolen from Starbucks because keys left in car running. Nor is it stupid people living with us. The concern to all of us is, and should be, that there are swarms of professional thieves being dropped off in our historically safe quite neighborhoods. THAT has not been going on my entire life. As for the police, they did respond quickly and they did watch the neighborhood the nights after to see if they came back for stuff they had dropped in haste running away. I also know that because they stopped a car dropping off my child returning home late one evening shortly after one of the incident to check the person driving. I find it quite misplaced to direct blame or criticism towards the Police when this is occurring all over the county and in fact I know it has been going on in similarly nice areas in the Princeton area as well.

  12. “That’s just brilliant H…
    I don’t think HE will be loosing HIS job anytime soon because
    HE is a SHE.
    Fucking moron.”

    That’s the important thing.
    Its more important to “empower women” rather than holding the police accountable.
    I’m glad you have your priorities straight.
    Fucking moron.

  13. Guys, the justice system is part of the problem. The penalties are much too lenient. Don’t allow them to plea bargain to a lesser offense. These (alleged!) criminals know that they will get probation or maximum one year if they get caught. So, they take the chance and they roll the dice. Change the punishment to *mandatory 10 years in prison* and I’m sure that these folks will rethink the risk/reward of stealing cars (or anything else for that matter).

  14. Anybody know the top 10 cars that are being stolen in New Jersey. Because I don’t like these crooks

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