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Reader claims, ““Self-serving people there for personal gain” defines our Councils of the past decade or more”

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“Self-serving people there for personal gain” defines our Councils of the past decade or more. Riche with his no bid telecoms contracts with the Village, the definition of conflict of interest. Whatever the hell Ahronson, Pooch and Gwen wanted, none of it seemingly any good for the rest of us. Knudsen getting her boys on the RPD and RFD with some nifty maneuvering around the hiring requirements, and protecting the dilapidated Schedler above all other interests because it’s across the street from her dad’s house… the list goes on and on.

23 thoughts on “Reader claims, ““Self-serving people there for personal gain” defines our Councils of the past decade or more”

  1. Wow. This sure is a distortion of the facts. Of some of the facts. Knudsen did not manipulating of the state mandated civil service laws. You really have to give up this argument. And for crying out loud, it has been asked and answered and asked and answered again – there was no conflict of interest in the Schedler for the Knudsen family. Tom Riche did more for this town than whatever a-hole posted this stupid commentary.

  2. I agree with the above poster. While those are sensitive issues for many in town, the details of the cases were examined ad nauseam and there were NO violations. And remember, many people tried very hard to prove the opposite! Lawyers and all other appropriate personnel studied them. We all have to move on from these done-to-death issues. We have important choices coming up and they aren’t as far away as they might seem. We have to look ahead. And, yes, Tom Riche has been a decades-long public servant in Ridgewood and deserves recognition as such.

  3. Like sheep. Knudsen absolutey ensured that the residence requirements as well as no college were kept in place for her sons. This knocked the top persons on the list out of consideration.

    Remember we were also told that these now officers couldn’t get through high school by Knudsen. She was was so adamant she was asked not to present at school board meetings due to her disruptive posture

    We have a Schedler and horse farm both of which have family to council connections. This is not just a coincidence

  4. Schedler has NO family connections

  5. To anonymous February 3 –
    1. I am not a sheep, if that’s what you are saying. A sheep might post as “anonymous”…
    2. Susan was one of five votes, so she can’t “make sure” anything happens. And I have absolutely no knowledge about anything regarding anybody not getting through high school, – they obviously must have… neither have I ever known Susan was asked not to present at BofE meetings. That sounds like it would not be possible/legal as she is a tax-paying member of the public. And believe me, I’ve had disagreements with the Board of Ed (a long time ago) and they did not act in good faith, so even if there is something to that gossip about Susan I would want to know that the background on it. Spoken as a person/neighborhood who was LEGIT “done wrong” by that Board – I don’t know if it would be the same people or what year, etc.

  6. Janes, you’re wrong. Here’s the proof:

    Jack Traina is Sue Knudsen’s father. Look at the address on a map. Right across from Schedler. It is an ongoing conflict of interest given her role in protecting Schedler from either sale or redevelopment for use by all Villagers. Wonder who flagged the bald eagles nesting on the property? 🦅

  7. are you Gwen? you don’t know that property is in Ridgewood and many people live across there street as well as near the house , besides Sunsan is not her father most of us don’t live in mom or dads basement

  8. Jane, you don’t seem to have the correct information. The way the contract was set up, I.e. Toshiba phones, there was an existing requirement that could be matched only by a few suppliers. Ridgewood, and it’s taxpayers – who fund the budgets for Public Safety, Ridgewood Water and Northwest Bergen Central Dispatch – as a result were unable to benefit from a greater range of options to meet our communication needs. It’s an old trick to set up a favored contractor. The requirements had to be changed, because the way it had been set up, the requirements were pointing toward only one supplier, it’s great Extel is a supplier to the Village, so long as its owner doesn’t sit on the Council or Planning Board while they’re contracting with Ridgewood. That was a conflict of interest, plain and simple.

  9. actually the state did

  10. Riche did a ton of work for the town for free , if you had a job you know what I am talking about

  11. that’s why after he lost the gig because of aronsohn, he got it back again

  12. quoting the ethically challenged paul aronsohn , who ruined the town and turned into a dump it is now , wont get you any where

  13. He’s no longer on the Council or planning board. So no conflict. Get your facts straight.

  14. How did a carpet bagger from park ridge ever become mayor

  15. While we are digging up old crap how the hell did a private business get onto a public park named after Gwen’s family. Named for someone who did not donate it but charged ridgewood millions. Then a business was put there that runs 6 days a week all day with parties, buses, drinking and full use of the fields and park that tax payers support. A business owned by a NY resident who is friends with past manager Roberta , Paul, Gwen , Janet, Tim Cronin and Nancy Bigos. A business that is costing the town tax payers $$$ everyday. This is still going on maybe someone should stop bringing up by gones and look at something that is actually happening day in and day out right in front of your noses!

  16. So sell Habernickle. And come to think of it, how is the Schedler property benefiting anyone in Ridgewood apart from bird enthusiasts? Or the old Elks HQ? Why was that purchased? Did it have anything to do with a quid pro quo between then Mayor Knudsen and the RPD for hiring her sons? The Village should be selling all of these properties. As trustees of property tax payers’ funds, what business does the Village have in buying all these properties? Or in not asking the for profit Valley Hospitak system to make payments fir the municipal services they consume in lieu of property taxes? If they were working in the interests of all residents they would do these things, but they’re clearly acting based on narrow self-interests.

  17. There seems to be a misunderstanding here. If you serve on the Village Council, planning board or other Village committees which can direct municipal dollars, you or your business should not be contracting with the Village you serve. That’s fundamental. If you want to contract with Ridgewood, don’t run for elected municipal office or sit on any Village boards to avoid any conflicts. And if you accept political donations from people living by Schedler, or have three sons serving on the RPD and RFD, recuse yourself from any discussions of police & fire contracts, redevelopment of Schedler, or anything else where there may be a perceived conflict. Matt Rogers doesn’t serve Villagers. He serves at the pleasure and billing hours of the Council. So he’s not protecting taxpayer interests against Council interests. This is also fundamental. And ethical. Why do Jane Shinozuka, James, and other Knudsen apologists refuse to understand this?

  18. that applies for people taking donations from developers and getting below market rents for new apartments in town?

  19. Of course. If you have evidence then why aren’t those people in jail?

  20. Unfortunately it is impossible to let ” bygones be bygones” because the extremely poor choices made by some recently retired Ridgewood Council and government employees are negatively affecting Ridgewood today. I still do not understand how the town lawyer could not have found a way out of this mess but preferred to continue supporting his political “friends”. His name should be mentioned every time you complain about the prior Councils’ mistakes. He is just as guilty. And we all know that putting a business on property bought with “green” moneys ” is totally against the law. (Here again we have to wonder about our town’s attorney’s complicity in the whole deal) The owner has “sucked up” to all of our village employees by cooking the annual Senior Center ‘s Thanksgiving dinner, by allowing private parties with alcohol being served, and now is responsible for hosting many Ridgewood listed classes. Without a complete overturn of our present town management, those poor residents must put up with potentially illegal activities going on forever.

  21. The above is so true. It is all against green acre policy but parks and rec turns a blind eye for their buddy. Either that or the head of the parks and rec doesn’t understand simple English or never read the by laws!! I don’t know which is worse. Clean house and start with Nancy Bigos!

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