Garrett’s major sin this election cycle was that he didn’t morph into something he wasn’t in response to recent waves of demands made by people living so-called “alternative” sexual lifestyles and by others, mostly young adults with a weak or misguided spiritual life or no connection at all to a traditionally organized religion, and who see themselves as social justice warriors engaging in the latest, greatest civil rights battle.

In fairness, how does an honest federal or state officeholder who believes in traditional Christian morality withstand such a well funded Alynskyite attack and win re-election? Particularly in northern New Jersey where so many brainwashed progressives are busy buying up almost all of the available housing stock.

Garrett should try to make peace with Trump and those early Trump supporters like Mike Doherty who resisted abandoning him when times became tough during the general election season. With any luck, Garrett, with his great experience, innate intelligence, and unshakably ethical approach to governing, will secure a prominent position in Trump’s administration and help him move forward with the many important policy imperatives they hold in common. As a country we could be looking at at least 16 straight years of sober and responsible Republican control of the executive branch if Trump and Pence play their cards right, keep their noses clean, and put on a clinic on real leadership, each of which can safely be predicted.

Trump won this race his way, rather than kowtowing to the republican establishment like Reagan did in choosing establishment mole George H. W. Bush as his vice-presidential running mate. This will pay big dividends. As long as Trump has reasonable success in obtaining long-needed tax reform and reviving our moribund economy he will be very well set up for re-election four years from now.

Job number one in terms of keeping liberals and progressives frustrated and rudderless for as long as possible should be for non-establishment patriots like Trump to fight hard to prevent them from credibly claiming that they have reoccupied the moral high ground. These phonies are constantly trying to portray themselves as our moral “betters” and their political opponents as the worst possible thing–hypocrites. Weak-kneed, wishy-washy republicans have been letting them get away with this nonsense in the media for decades now. With this huge victory by Trump, they have finally been exposed as morally bankrupt. Nothing chaps their asses worse than this kind of undeniable public humiliation. Normal, red-blooded Americans who were never brainwashed by sociopathic college professors are absolutely loving it.

Hopefully nobody gets killed in the next few days or weeks as the diasappointed SJWs indulge themselves in shameless riots (not protests) in the streets of our major cities and elsewhere. If someone does unfortunately die, Trump will probably take it very personally. No doubt he would call Obama and Clinton and their narrow-minded political operatives out directly and severely for their immoral unwillingness to maintain law and order while they transition out of power.