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Reader debate the Extent of the Damage Done to the Village by the Previous Administration

Ridgewood 3 amigos

Well, the previous council and their committees got everything they wanted. That is the reality.

Multi family housing, parking garage, athletic filed at Schedler and to boot a bonus prize for hard work…. tearing away the lovely islands at the train station and putting in a narrow pathway and calling it just as attractive. Aronsohn and his gang must be laughing hard at that one while they sip their champagne. They got an unexpected reward!! Even they would never have suggested tearing away that lovely greenery. Clunk heads , the current council, clunk heads.

or maybe no….

well we do not have a parking garage and we might not ever. The proposed field at Schedler is way smaller than Don Delzio and his denizens proposed. The train station parking lot re-furb will be way WAY better than a gargantuan garage.

Aronsohn and his gang are meeting with lawyers and spending lots of money trying to figure out how to save the remains of their reputations from ethics charges, charges of lying about parking-app contracts, etc. Not a lot of champagne flowing there.

10 thoughts on “Reader debate the Extent of the Damage Done to the Village by the Previous Administration

  1. No, no Mayor Susan Knudsen get all the credit for suggesting this one “tearing away the lovely islands at the train station and putting in a narrow pathway and calling it just as attractive.. tearing away the lovely “

  2. the lovely island? , you mean the one that had a porto potty sitting on for a year , that’s filled with crab grass ?

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    ridgewood train station parkiong

    More parking planned at Ridgewood train station and at Wilsey Square

    March 24,2017
    Boyd A. Loving

    Ridgewood NJ, During Wednesday evening’s Village Council Work Session, Village Engineer Christopher Rutishauser was asked to ascertain the feasibility of adding approximately 40 additional parking spaces at the Ridgewood train station. Mayor Susan Knudsen suggested that additional parking spaces might be added by removing the large, grass & tree covered center island in the current parking lot.

    Rutishauser was also tasked with determining the possibility of creating more parking spaces along the east side of Wilsey Square, just south of the train station’s parking lot. Grass & trees currently occupy this area as well.

    No date was given as to when the results of the Village Engineer’s study would be available for Village Council review.

  4. Thats the one James. The one that not blacktopped and line striped for compacted cars and motorcycles.

  5. 10:15 a.m. I know that taking away islands is Knudsen’s idea. I mean that she is working in the spirit of Aronsohn and gang, continuing their work so to speak. Therefore Aronshon and gang get a bonus, a reward. Aronsohn and gang overdeveloped the town as much as possible, but didn’t think of islands at train station. Knudsen did think of it, continuing to tear away at what provides safety and attractiveness to the town. A narrow path at train station makes it virtually impossible for shoppers at farmers market to traverse the area. Commuters will find it much more dangerous to get to their parked cars.

    . If CBD is sometimes too crowded to park , so is Westfield Garden State Plaza. And so is Paramus Park Mall and Fashion Center sometimes too crowded. Hey, this is Bergen County. One million people live here.

    Hudson St. is the worst possible intersection for a parking garage. Too congested,creating a traffic mess. The garage will never pay for itself; raising parking meter rates to one dollar will keep people away.

  6. Arohnson is enough of a politician to have seen the gathering winds of suburban change and the undercurrent of discord that was building up. Then, he exploited. He used fear of change to create an appealing political message averring managed growth based on shared values. Once he had his triumpherate in place, however, he then set about reoraganizing things according to his own myoptic view. As he was fond of saying, he wanted to remodel Ridgewood in the pattern of the Brunswicks. Developers, hospital administrators, restaurant owners and others drove pick up trucks through his naivete, arrogance, stupidity and, yes, greed, and we taxpayers are left with the mess and the tax burden.

    But, its wrong to blame this one target (no matter how blameworth it is ). The truth is we all bear responsibility for having allowed the exploitation to take place. And now the question is what are we really doing to undo what was done and put us back on track.

  7. Susan You work for us the homeowners taxpayers and not the merchant hacks..Stop the build it big quest for more parking spots that will just go to seed like every other existing VOR Parking Lot.

    all unsafe ,unsaved ,cratered and neglected.GET TO WORK ON THEM.Maintainance paving and reliving not sexy..but this has to be done now,cottage and hudson walnut are slum lots.,,

    NO RAISED garage structures for the developers..who are out of towners and will just offload those properties to the Reits and run to lower cost states with our town investments in their pockets..We
    will be building new schools for these renters and new condo arrivals from overseas and the 5 boroughs and Staten Island.Why ?for the same reason we came ,for the kids…clear as day why developers are here,,for the cashout….town taxpayers will be left holding the Bag of unsupported higher tax driven expensive past spending bonded town obligations.Interest rates set to rise on those type of muni debts.PS OUR ROADS ARE A DISGRACE.

  8. 10:52
    try walking today from train station towards whole foods..even with existing median and Wilsey wide walking path it’s still too narrow and dangerous in either direction for pedestrians…what is wrong with you people..on weekends the train lot is not even full at restsurant peak time..visitors are lazy ..more spots up there are just another feel good I build 40 spots for more Carlos Visitirs parking and dash meters…

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  10. 6:51 Are you trying to say that all of Ridgewood residents are nuts? Or trying to say that your totally non-sensical display of unrelated facts is typical of some of the essays on the Blog?

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