Yeah, yeah, yeah, all I know is that when things go wrong on the sports field parents kill each other and attack the coaches on the field, and their kids if their kids don’t win get hell at home, insane amount of pressure on kids nowadays that lead to taking drugs, not avoiding drugs but taking drugs. It’s a myth that it is so great for character.
What about organized music, bands and orchestras?
Listen, most kids enjoy a natural spontaneous pick-up sports game, in the street or on an empty field, without adults managing them, THAT is how they learn socialization.That is the way it used to be before kids were over scheduled. Sometimes I see it on a school playground during a time when school is closed and fields not in formal use.
What about organized music, bands , orchestras, chorus, what about organized theater, putting on plays, what about living in a family where you have to share and CARE and learn limits and boundaries, even having a pet, dog or cat will do to teach socialization and sensitivity to others. ORGANIZED SPORT DOES NOT TEACH SENSITIVITY TO OTHERS ANY MORE THAN AN ARMY BEING ATTACKED BY THE ENEMY ARMY. Students both girls and boys too, should be required to take ballet or modern dance. That is how one can learn team cooperation, physical emotional , good health and eating habits. Comraderie, bodily expression, understanding body language that can’t be put into words . TRUE interpersonal SENSITIVITY.
Organized sports are over rated. Way over rated. Dare I say; they are bad. Dance dance dance. Ballroom, ballet , modern, not dancing with the stars , but dancing at school, a public school dance program in the gyms.