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Reader Explains Glen Rock Police Statement on Photos and Video Taping

Glen Rock Police 

This was in part prompted by an incident in which someone taking photos of an accident in Glen Rock (involving adults only with very minor injuries) was verbally assaulted by a woman who claimed to be a relative of one of the accident’s victims. Despite being told by police officers that the person had a legal right to take photos and to leave the individual alone, she continued with her verbal tirade. She was finally ordered by a Glen Rock police sergeant off the sidewalk into a waiting ambulance with her supposed relative. Turns out the woman is a Ridgewood resident and a practicing attorney. So much that fancy law degree from Fordham. Hopefully neither she nor her parents spent their life savings on it. A big Amen to freedom of the press and to freedom of assembly.

8 thoughts on “Reader Explains Glen Rock Police Statement on Photos and Video Taping

  1. Amen

  2. what’s verbally assaulted?

  3. Running around taking shots of accident victims is a ridiculous hobby. Someone has too much free time on their hands. It appears some of these photogs don’t enjoy criticism because they shut off commenting on their Facebook posts. Karma can be an enlightening force if these voyeurs happen to wind up on the other side of the lense….

  4. I am not particularly interested in photos of accidents and I have a simple solution for 12:26: don’t look at the facebook page. Wow, how easy is that. Why do you look at the photos if you don’t like them?

  5. 12:26: I’m dumbfounded as to why anyone who hates Boyd so much would continue to look at his Facebook page on a regular basis and have the unmitigated gall to get pissed because he banned them from commenting on his own site. You’re absolutely right: Karma is indeed a bitch. Your bitched so loudly on other Facebook sites that he banned you from his. Would you have expected anything less?

    And, is is not just a “hobby.” Several news media outlets provide compensation for posted/published photos. Get a camera and a police scanner and join the team.

  6. I see no victims in this photo yet there is a reference made in a previous post to victims. Am I missing something?

  7. @ October 19, 2017 at 12:26 pm you got issues….I know we live in Police State because of imbeciles like you…Everyone is a fair game out in the public especially cops, local and state politicians and even general public. There are cameras everywhere who are watching you everyday

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