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Below are the Site Development Plans prepared by the Ridgewood Engineering Department.

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Maps – Revisions
Schedler Map Rev 8 – October 7, 2015

InfoClick Here for the Schedler Park and House Grant Timeline – as reported by the Village Manager at the September 16, 2015 Village Council Public Meeting. Wednesday, August 12th the Village Council discussed the use of the Schedler property.

They voted on the following resolutions:
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Reader Issues a Warning from Habernickel Family Park ……Or they can call it passive and put all kinds of parks and rec sports on it while travel sports are going on at the same time all the while a business is cashing in on our tax dollars with up to 25 cars dropping off and then again an hour later picking up clients and this goes on for hours in a PARK that is also used for baseball , soccer and lacrosse; there is NO passive in Ridgewood. With all this happening at once the neighborhood streets already in terrible shape are more dangerous then ever and at time impassable by pushing parking onto the street because guess what, we gave away 12 spots in the parking lot to a private business. Or they could always keep the schedler Home and restore it then rent it out for way below market value, use tax payers money to put in lights, cameras, walkways and provide all kinds of services for a private business to flourish in a neighborhood. So be weary of any decision on the table…our voices do not matter!!!!