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Reader Only Sees Downside to Hudson Parking Garage

The garage is being built solely for the apartments who will then get a quantity discount that is lower than the actual cost to Ridgewood. Have you noticed the builders offering to pay part of the construction? Restaurants and stores much beyond Walnut will not get one bit of additional business from the garage but even those few won’t commit a cent to the construction. As many said, before you build a garage, see what will happen if Ridgewood starts enforcing repeat parking, marking the tires in such a way that they can’t be rubbed off or just rolling the car a little bit. Easily done with 2 marks on each outside tire at different locations so one would always be showing. Also these business complainers who blame everyone but their employees should enforce the parking rule as well. The lot where they wish to build the garage could be repaved and restriped with diagonal parking at each end and restriping of all the center lanes would provide much more parking than the garage is going to actually allow non-commuters if villagers cannot use but the ground floor. The ground floor as presently described in the garage will not even give as as much space as we currently have without the re-striping. If on the remaining downtown streets they would convert to diagonal parking on one side and parallel on the other, we would gain a lot of spaces. And lastly, take away the favored businesses extra reserved spots where their valet picks up, or where it has to be marked yellow for no parking because an illegal wall blocks parking spots. Do either of these precious to the Village properties pay the town for the parking meter charge that would be normally earned with removal of their illegal blockades? Two meters to a spot would really add up as you know they would be constantly used. Since Susan and Raymond think the Village will just curl up and die without this garage and are going to put it there regardless of objections–why don’t you two take it upon yourselves to count the total spots gained by restriping just in that one parking lot and the on the street parking? And removing the illegal obstacles! If you really wanted an accurate count of what is possible, why don’t you include as a second count all our current parking lots after repaving and restriping? I am sure you could easily come up with over a hundred. Yes, that may not help the commuters much, but who is Ridgewood really for? The commuters who park, maybe grab a coffee and a newspaper, go to work, return, unpark their car and go home? What money or convenience does Ridgewood gain from that? And again, a reduced fee for monthly parking that will not cover our costs. Or for the residents who you are expecting to pay much more in taxes to provide a convenience for the builders (do they leave any money here?). Instead you are forcing Mt Carmel members to use your garage on Sundays and other days that Church is in session (and I’m sure it won’t be free!). I’m going to insult you here but I wish you would rise up out of the poppy field in Oz, put your brains back in your head, and actually think and listen for a change. Are any of you, except Bernie, capable of doing that?
Also, many of the parishioners are handicapped or have several small children and it is a long walk from the garage even to the side door of Church.

13 thoughts on “Reader Only Sees Downside to Hudson Parking Garage

  1. where did you hear the bit about quantity discount for the new apartment projects? Is that confirmed?

  2. NAILED That major boondoggle …it’s a complete scandal …there should actually be an investigation into all the money that has been spent in study and excessive planning for this unwanted harmful garage to nowhere but Looserville for the average .we had a vote ..we did not want nor wanted to have the Taxpapers eat this boondoggle…developers are licking their chops as we are so stupid to Just Say NO . DEMO RECONSTRUCT

  3. It was under discussion very early on but it seems logical as monthly passes are always cheaper than day rate. Apartment dwellers also are not going to be willing to pay daily rates to use the garage as the parking their builders did not provide. And you know darn well that the builders are not going to do any subsidizing for them. it’s all going to be on the Villagers backs!

  4. This will eventually hit the news for the scandal that it is
    ….but that will only be AFTER it is built and AFTER the corruption has occurred and AFTER all of the money is spent and AFTER the damage has been irreversibly done to the taxpayers of Ridgewood.
    That is because the media loves watching “rich people” getting screwed…

  5. You fools in Ridgewood time to move out. The town is so overrated.

  6. 1:29 If this Council rebuild and reline every parking lot where will the put the big brass plaque with their names on it.?

  7. I would like to know who is going to maintain this big parking garage. Who’s going to do the litter, sweeping, ice protection, Snow plowing, snow removal, parking Lot striping, pothole repair, lighting repair, security, and I’m sure I’m missing something and someone else spell million lot striping, pothole repair, lighting repair, security, and I’m sure I’m missing something and someone else Fill-in when I missing.

  8. RIDGEWOOD News has front page Garage report where Susan is quoted as indicating her yes vote on garage build out based on other town street parking meter rates need to be raised to something in the range o $1.50 to
    $2.00 per hour and what visitor would shovel $ 6 dollars into town meters to see a movie or shop then dine
    in VOR even during shopping daylight periods..these people are crazy..this is not a well thought out financial plan,,taxpayers will take a bath on this fiasco like everything else..BOEd ,POLICE Benefits and retirement for Police standing around while PSEG completes simple repairs and lines,while Police stand idle in every
    simple street utility maintenance hole in the Street.I am not referring to major avenue where flagging nor traffic metering control is required,

  9. 6:16 POLS names to be scraped into the dirty rusty manhole covers that will carry away the garages salty oily pollution waste and the towns future with that swill down the drains to hell. Moving Trucks ..? calling car 54…
    where are you…On this decision ..screwed again..

  10. Across from a Historic Church and a vibrant community’s that will be assaulted by this missle silo bunker construction.There are schools up there..Valley will be very busy with increased pedestrian strikes..New traffic lights will be needed in front of the liquor store meaning idling traffic that will back up all around that entire district..The pollution will be very harmful..Cafe sidewalk business will be over..Fumes don’t make for good vibes during dinner dates.,the whole thing is more than a’s criminal..thanks VC FOR Putting your agenda ahead of the health of that community yes there are people living up there,children as well.

  11. So let me get this straight.
    We got rid of $0.25 per hour meter rates after 6 pm to make the restaurants happy, but now we are going to $1.50 per hour and 8 pm.
    Can’t wait for the screaming.
    Fantasy say hello to Reality.

  12. they just announced the butchery of the train station lot that a historic location could use some fresh landscaping such as hear resistant
    plantings but they are blowing the whole thing up to add compact cars to an already busy lot during about setting up an uber pickup area where lot narrows up towards the Asian BBQ CORNER .


  13. 9.49, yes talk about a scam. It’s almost like a no-show job, I can’t believe this is illegal. Because it’s one of the biggest scams waste of money end of the story.

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