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Reader Questions Elks Purchase

Ridgewood Elks

“Does it make sense that the Elk’s Club was purchased via the Ridgewood Water utility (100% owned by the Village) for $1.2 million, and now it will cost another $3 million to redevelop? When the original cost proposed by the Village Council majority was under $2 million? Given the likely change orders, and the fact this Village couldn’t manage running a lemonade stand, we’re talking $5+ million for a building to house 30 Ridgewood Water employees right in the CBD. One that doesn’t even have parking for their trucks. How does this make any sense to taxpayers when there so much empty Class A & B office space to lease in Bergen County? It only makes sense to a Council majority that has promised space in Village Hall to the police department”

7 thoughts on “Reader Questions Elks Purchase

  1. Wait until we get the bill for the parking garage cost overruns. Governmental entities are not very good at running businesses or project management for that matter. Those that control other people’s money have little skin in the game and in this town, a Cadillac will always be the preference over a Chevy.

  2. I think they actually bought it for the library. Even our Council cannot realistically expect that all water department employee and other vehicles can be parked on Maple–taking away all the street parking for the Village Hall. ( Actually, maybe they can!) Nancy has been pleading to have that facility for her own ever since it closed. The council keeps saying “not our money!” whenever they are questioned about the purchase. I fail to comprehend how a Village owned Corporation can find and spend money not connected in any way to the Village taxpayers but maybe none of our higher ups actually LIVE in Ridgewood. (many of them actually DON’T) but in reality they dwell in Alice’s Wonderland or The Wizard’s Land of Oz. That way they can believe in their dreams–which for the Villagers will turn into a horrible nightmare!

  3. They are going to do whatever they want to anyway. Stop wasting your breath. You will not stop them they will come up with some kind of bullshit story and go with it. At this point let them spend the money build whatever they want. If it doesn’t work out it’s in their lap. Don’t you worry when they are done they will be building a parking garage behind the Elks club the library and village hall there’s no way around it

  4. What about the Pease building, which the Village owns? Or perhaps share the BOE building.

  5. Yes the parking garage wonks chime in again about death and destruction.
    Getting old, move along.

  6. “if it doesn’t work out, it is in their laps”? They will be long gone. each having collected on whatever they wanted as they were “forced to ignore” the wishes of the people. Some wanted children on Ridgewood forces, others wanted political fame so they get a position or Office, some even didn’t want to “hurt the feelings” of the officials (School Board as well as Council) of the ones they so slavishly follow. It is all going to be dumped on the Ridgewood taxpayers, esp. the new ones who have come because of the FAKE “Tradition of Excellence”.

  7. SELL THE WATER UTILITY! The Village is sh*tty when it comes to managing business entities. Save the $$$, and the lawsuits from our neighbor towns.

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