file photo by Boyd Loving

Shared services? You mean the fact that we allow our Fire Department, EMS to respond to Glen Rock free of charge while we bill our own residents?
How about that you use our paid Fire Department to respond to calls without charge because your Fire Department cant get a crew. Yet you don’t pay for any of that equipment or pay for the personnel. Meanwhile, I pray and hope I dont need my own Fire Department for my assistance because they are busy helping you.
How about how you get our EMS crew when yours cant get out the door yet don’t get billed for service, but yet when I need the service there is a charge. Isn’t that some shit
Buy a radio scanner, you will be amazed how often Ridgewood “assists” Glen Rock with pretty much everything.
I think Ridgewood is losing end. It seems you get all the benefits of my tax dollars and dont have to contribute a dime. I want in on this scam.