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Reader questions Shared services when Ridgewood Has a Paid Fire Department

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Shared services? You mean the fact that we allow our Fire Department, EMS to respond to Glen Rock free of charge while we bill our own residents?
How about that you use our paid Fire Department to respond to calls without charge because your Fire Department cant get a crew. Yet you don’t pay for any of that equipment or pay for the personnel. Meanwhile, I pray and hope I dont need my own Fire Department for my assistance because they are busy helping you.
How about how you get our EMS crew when yours cant get out the door yet don’t get billed for service, but yet when I need the service there is a charge. Isn’t that some shit
Buy a radio scanner, you will be amazed how often Ridgewood “assists” Glen Rock with pretty much everything.
I think Ridgewood is losing end. It seems you get all the benefits of my tax dollars and dont have to contribute a dime. I want in on this scam.

19 thoughts on “Reader questions Shared services when Ridgewood Has a Paid Fire Department

  1. How about writing tickets and fining Ridgewood resident for water restriction but other towns have no enforcement and water at will. Yes poster these towns are the same one that sued the Village of Ridgewood. What is wrong with this council.

  2. This is another ” pilot program” just the valet parking was a “pilot program” that cost the Ridgewood Taxpayers $23,000.

  3. Like we told you last year the shit storm is coming . Now it’s time for the village to deal with it. Oh well, all the bullshit stories floating to the top.

  4. To the original poster – you obviously only see one side of this.
    Mutual aid agreements exist with virtually every community in Bergen. If there was a major fire in Ridgewood and another incident occurred somewhere else in town, bordering communities such as Paramus, Washington Twsp,, Waldwick, HoHokus, Glen Rock, etc. send their equipment and personnel. These agreements work to the benefit of all citizens, in all communities. .

  5. Elections coming and change

  6. 937…mutual aid is fine. But if rgwd taxpayers are picking up 100% of the financial tab thats not mutual….. b4 everyone unloading it would be good to get more facts.

  7. Bilbo11 this goes beyond mutual aid.

  8. From a past post from the Ridgewood Blog


    Firefighter family member Responds to “Mutual Aid” Comments
    In Uncategorized on December 11, 2006 at 12:42 pm

    You people in Ridgewood are so arrogant, my grandfather, uncle, step dad, another uncle and cousin have helped you town out so much with there dept. (Midland Park FD) do you know how many time i hear them get dispatched to many other towns. Some of your citizens houses would’nt be standing today if it was’nt for Midland Park and rest of the sorrounding towns that respond in to help out Ridgewood Fire Dept., Do you ever complain to see Midland Park or Sorrounding Towns in your hometown but when your own dept. goes to other towns you have to complain about how other towns should pay service to your taxpayers. Thats just wrong, maybe some of you lazy people should get up and maybe volunteer in your community so Ridgewood and other communities don’t have to establish paid fire dept.’s. You people make me sick just to think about money instead of someone saving a life or property. When the time comes and you house is on fire and you only see RFD and see that it’s not enough or that all there units are on scene at your house and one of your buddies houses across town is burning at the same time or vice versa then you would wish these towns would come in and protect and help out. You people are arrogant, my family members put there life’s on the line to help neihboring towns and all you have to do is bitch because your taxpaying money sometimes pays for another town. Like i siad if you lazy people maybe at least got up and volunteered at you FD’s or EMS then maybe you would’nt have to pay for a paid fire dept. 85% of the national Fire Dept.’s are Volunteer and the other % are paid and the 85% volunteer is declining because you people rather bitch then to actually help your community out, you have some nerve to talk about spending your money to help another town out, how about when you had the floods in your town i am sure other towns came in to help, how about when you had that church fire other towns came in to help. You people make me sick and i am also a volunteer firefighter upstate and at least our fire protection district taxpayers don’t complain about there apparatus or money going mutual aid to another town.

    Also Ridgewood and sorrounding towns have been made into a Mutual Aid Associations meaning they are part of a mutual aid system to back up other towns on serious calls. Just wait until your house burns down or when you have a family member not breathing or needs medical help and REMS or RFD does’nt have the reasource because there out to do another job, the only thing you will be doing is praying to god your house or family member can make it through or hope for a mutual aid town to come in and help. Like i siad just wait when it happens to you, remember life is a B**ch and stuff does comeback to haunt people so just wait.

    Here are a few fires Midland Park FD, Your Fire Dept. and Sorrounding Towns go too with Northwest Bergen Mutual Aid System


    Midland Park Mutual Aid, RIDGEWOOD Church FIRE

    Midland Park Mutual Aid, Fair Lawn Fire

    Midland Park Mutual Aid, RIDGEWOOD HOUSE FIRE

    Waldwick House Explosion, Midland Park Mutual Aid

    Midland Park Mutual Aid, Franklin Lakes House Fire

    Wyckoff House Fire, Midland Park Mutual Aid

    Ho-Ho-Kus House Fire, Midland Park Mutual Aid 3:30AM in the Morning, Inc.

  9. We understand about police fire EMTs, so what’s going on regarding department of public works, I know the governor was big on shared services. I know there were perks. So where does Glenrock stand on all this.

  10. Are there a Mutual aid agreements for picking up garbage, paving roads, building inspection, board of health, tax accessor, ?
    Why just police and fire?

  11. Mutual Aid Associations meaning they are part of a mutual aid system to back up other towns on serious calls.
    Serious calls, not every call.

  12. Can you say a big shit storm.!! Thanks Governor Christie For promoting shared services , It’s not working out so well is it.

  13. Not so for us the glenrock’ins , glenrock blows away recruit any day the week. Big deal they have a big Movie house.

  14. 7:45 What?

  15. Confused

  16. Everyone needs to work together.

  17. Mutual aid is very commendable as an action IN CASE OF EMERGENCY. If it is seen as a permanent backup by another town which regularly cannot send out their own force, that means that the sending town is coming “for free” to do a job that should be done alone by the town requesting aid or with mutual aid if the incident requires more help than the aided town can supply. Mutual aid means “mutual”. It means another town will come to your aid if it’s bigger than you can handle. Mutual aid does not mean that the town that needs aid sends no one from their town to the scene. That type of aid should be paid for, especially when the sending town’s citizens have to pay for the same service.

  18. Midland Park we appreciate all that you do to help us. We realize that your aid is being generously offered. These complaints are only towards Glen Rock who apparently cannot consistently field a crew and expects Ridgewood’s paid departments to be ready for any problem in their town. Ridgewood is then working the scene with no, or little Glen Rock involvement.

  19. Can’t we all just get along.

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