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Reader Raises Safety Concerns Over Ridgewood Train Station Parking Lot

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For those of Us Taxpayers who use or are there every work day in that RIDGEWOOD station Parking Lot
dropping or picking up train Passengers especially in Fall /Winter seasons ,it is maxed out especially as trains discharge and the driver scramble to be able to leave quickly including riders running to their cars…Its a zoo free for all…it is maxed out capacity and safety wise ,,drivers backing out of spaces in the Dark racing to exit the station ,,idling
while waiting to exit the station into the bottleneck exit while passenger pedestrians are trying to safely leave the station ..all at the same time.We don’t need more compact
cars up there to add to the smells like a money grab and chance to spend over 300,000K for added compact cars at the station while we are on the hook for a raised garage to the tune of 12 Million dollars being erected on the northbound side of the station where NYC arriving trains arrive . Think safety and congestion in the dark and snowy seasons .Leave the station alone or modify the idling policy for uber and commercial vehicles .This could save a life especially in the Dark morning and evening
seasons .

7 thoughts on “Reader Raises Safety Concerns Over Ridgewood Train Station Parking Lot

  1. With a realtor at the helm Ridgewood is for sure headed down the
    cliff. You will see in 1-2 years what Ridgewood will look like.
    Probably shiny on the outside but full of garbage inside just like any
    other city. We can kiss goodbye our suburban life and get introduced
    to the Brooklyn, Hackensack, Queens reality. We, the current residents
    will all lose, guess who will benefit.

  2. Did Ridgewood Councilman Jeff Voigt submit this?

  3. Hi Jeff. We recognize your crappy writing style. Not fooling anyone.

  4. Susan Knudsen introduced the idea of cutting away the islands at train station about two years ago for more parking spaces by saying she is just quoting a former planning board member’s idea. I knew then that those islands were a goner. I wrote to her saying not to do it, citing several important reasons, safety, aesthetics, cost , possible flooding, but to no avail.

    Unfortunately we did not have a good choice this past election, bad or worse was the choice. So yes, Ridgewood is now transformed into congested icky city.

    And I will bet you the lux library gets built. Just listen to Ramon say, Well, you will have to dig a little deeper.

  5. No one can coherently defend this proposal to butcher the train station and add more capacity for compact cars

    outside of 1 k per year in their pockets..

  6. So sad. Bye bye Ridgewood

  7. Voting for susan was just as bad as voting for the three amigos. They continue to carry out more and more development they are no different sheep

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