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Reader recalls the Reign of Terror in Ridgewood

3 amigos in action Ridgewood NJ

file photo by Boyd Loving

” we remember when 100’s of us showed up to a council meeting to speak out against the density changes in the CBD. Almost everyone was in favor of a compromise: an increase from 12 units per acre to 24 not 35 which Albert, Paul and Gwen voted 3 -2 to approve. All the issues mentioned in the blog posts were addressed and one that wasn’t addressed was an increase in sludge output that would tax our crumbling infrastructure. Nothing was going to change the 3 -2 vote. Whatever problems you see today are the result of that vote and the permanent damage done during the reign of terror. “

10 thoughts on “Reader recalls the Reign of Terror in Ridgewood

  1. The reign of terror may be more understated, but it still goes on. What has the current Council accomplished recently besides approving the Garage, unlimited & open ended abuse of taxpayer dollars on passion projects, failing to sue Balley for payments in lieu of taxes despite clear precedents from Morristown, Pequannock and other municipalities ? Dead beats.

  2. I saw that idiot gwen was mouthing off on one of those fakebook pages

  3. Tax question if you are given a sub market rate apartment do you have to pay taxes on the difference ,like when a job gives you fringe benefits? Asking for a friend .

  4. If you have evidence that anyone received below market rate subsidized apartments, please provide it

  5. Non cash compensation is taxable

  6. Who received no cash compensation? For what? If you have facts, prove it

  7. You sound like a waco named Charley that used to live here ?

  8. SErious discussion brought down by banalities.

  9. Yea, we know what Gwen has in her mouth lately…
    There’s a visual for ya.
    Have a nice day!

  10. Charley kime how are you

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