She has listed 4 issues on her website, without any proposed approach to solve them.
1. Save us Money – HOW? Everything she wants to do with her 3rd and 4th issue is going to raise the taxes. She just says she is going to save us money without any concrete examples.
2. Promote Progressive Values – Who decides that she is more progressive compared to the other three candidates? If we have to run the election on political affiliation, then lets first do a primary contest.
3. Focus on quality of life – HOW? Which Village roads are bad? All roads in desperate need of repair are county roads. Not Village roads. If she plans to repave all village roads which are not in a bad shape, how will she save us money?
4. Revitalize Downtown – HOW? By following her mentor’s agenda and build a 5 story garage which covers a street and brings out of town commuters to the town? By changing all available lots to multi family housing? By selling the soul to Valley hospital, developers, and rich restaurant owners? – WHAT EXACTLY IS HER PLAN?
Basically EVERYTHING she says – sounds like its coming straight from her mentor’s mind. We all dislike her mentor. He ruined Ridgewood forever.