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Reader says , “All of this negative car thief talk is nonsense!”

Starbucks Ridgewood

All of this negative car thief talk is nonsense!
I leave my car running (sometimes with my toddler inside) when I run into Starbucks and get my double latte (I’m useless without it in the morning!). I leave my purse in the car too since its too cumbersome to drag into the store when I’ll just be in and out. Don’t worry, I bring my cell phone with me – I’m not stupid! Besides, I’d die if I lost it (although it would be a good excuse to upgrade:) ) .
I’m so glad I live in Ridgewood and not Westwood !

8 thoughts on “Reader says , “All of this negative car thief talk is nonsense!”

  1. It only takes once for someone to car jack your car and your kid

  2. This is drop dead HILARIOUS

  3. This post says more about the poster than anything else. No one but no one would leave a toddler in a running car. If a person is so desperate for coffee go through the ride thru. Also, one could make a pot the night before press start when you wake up, put it in a cup with a top and save 25 dollars a week and your toddler will be safe which should be your main goal always.

  4. To the two commenters above: you realize this article is a satire, no?

  5. It’s very simple do not leave anything that’s valuable inside your car. So when they take it they take the car not you’re belongings. No one gets hurt everyone safe you call your insurance company and that’s that. Obviously something big is going on. Like I said it must be supplying demand, is there a demand for porch I don’t know Who the hell knows what’s going on.

  6. We can hopefully assume that the above comment was a “tongue in cheek” comment. However, every day it is reported that either a running car or one left with a key fob in it is stolen. And anyone who would leave a running car with a child in it deserves to be charged with child abuse. Don’t think a child can’t get out of his/her seat or are too little to do something when left alone. Our mother had left us alone long enough to drop a letter in an outside mailbox. The car was not running, but parked on a slight hill. My 2 year old brother climbed over the seat and released the brake, and we slid down into traffic.

  7. My all-time favorite Police Blotter item in the Ridgewood News years ago reported the theft of many thousand of dollars’ worth of jewelry in a car parked at Valley Hospital (possibly by the valet service; not sure).

    I can see why you would need to wear diamonds when visiting a sick friend…but c’mon. Always wondered if that was a bid for the insurance.

  8. Christ Almighty. Leaving your kid in a running car is child abuse? How much soy is being consumed in this town? I leave/have left kids in car dozens of times to drop mail, run into the corner store/7-11 etc… Child abuse? LOL. How on earth does a 2 year old get out of a carseat and hop the seat? Were you 1 at the time or just slow?
    If you see 2 little shits in a GMC Yukon by themselves – don’t call the cops….I got it covered.

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