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Reader says alleged adulterous relationship may shed some light on an incident

The disclosure of this alleged adulterous romantic/sexual relationship may shed some light on an incident in which one of the individuals reported to be involved became irate when learning that RIdgewood Police Department patrol officers entered his/her home when they found the front door ajar.

The house was unoccupied at the time; a police officer was making a routine delivery of interoffice mail when he/she discovered the open front door. Backup officers were summoned and a security walk through was conducted of the entire home. Officers found no indication of forced entry and nothing in the house appeared to have been disturbed/out of place. In accordance with police procedure, a written report of the incident was submitted.

When informed that police officers had conducted a security walk through of his/her home, the homeowner became irate and expressed concerns about his/her privacy having been violated.

In retrospect, was there something/someone in the house who the homeowner didn’t want anyone, especially an employee of the Village, to know about?


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