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Reader says Anti Mayor Group Should Stop Attacking the Ridgewood Police


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I posted on the blog in support of the mayor and the police after reading the attacks on the police department. I’m not a member of the mayors so called crew and find your comment is offensive.

Why on heaven’s earth would the mayor or her supports bring the police into the conversation. The discussion of police stems from a complaint by Dan delzino that was dismissed by an ethics department.

Since the ethics violation was dismissed why did mr. Delzino take to the Ridgewood blog to anonymously attack the woman and the police.

I support mayor knudsen and do so without being part your fantasy crew. More like mr. Delzino has a crew attacking the mayor and police, delzino and his crew should stop.

15 thoughts on “Reader says Anti Mayor Group Should Stop Attacking the Ridgewood Police

  1. Ok,ok can we move on. There are some other thing going on in this town other then the Mayor and her sons. Where is the money coming from to buy the Elks Club. How much will it cost to renovate it and bring up to code. Where are we on the Water Dept. cost to payback the other town for them overcharging. What plans does the Council have for infrastructure and paving of the street and the parking lots. Its seems that these things are disused once by the Council and disappear in to a black hole never to be brought up again, Stop with the poor Mayor and he sons and get some thing done.

  2. Move on please.

  3. Enough already. The son’s are very qualified to be police officers.

  4. Nobody was attacking the RPD, stop it with the ‘Blue Wall’ crap. It’s all about the lack of progress on issues facing all Villagers which have been ignored while the Council has only pursued their self-serving agenda, i.e. Schedler, higher parking space fees, buying the Elks HQ for a possible new RPD HQ, etc. The three sons being hired while the Mayor served just looks bad. If we could hire from surrounding communities, would they have been hired?

  5. 12.35. 100% agree.

  6. 12:35 asked “Where is the money coming from to buy the Elks Club?” Note in the 2017 Village budget, that we took on a large amount of new municipal debt, which will act as a hidden tax increase as more of our tax dollars go to pay higher interest rates on municipal debt, which have been rising. Why did the Village increase general debt by almost 100% in 2017 to $7.4 million? Why $22 million in new six year debt? What are these funds earmarked for? Are there conflicts with this? Is it related to the purchase of the Elks HQ which is rumored to be the future home of the RPD? Any quid pro quo deal(s) here between Susan and the RPD?

  7. I have no comment, opinion or knowledge of the mayor’s involvement in her sons’ hiring. By all appearances, she appears be an upright person who would likely not pull any such stunt.
    That said, describing NJ’s public employee hiring process as fair, unbiased and free of corruption is laughable at best. Anything in this state that concerns the government and government unions is utterly corrupt, almost without any exceptions.

  8. Is ekls club being purchased for water department or police department?

  9. Police in general become a force of corrupt entity…everyone is so passive aggressive

  10. Is the Elks club being converted into a municipal performing arts center?

  11. 8:30 are you saying that the Ridgewood Police Dept is a corrupt entity?

  12. Maybe healthbarn can rent the elks club for 3700 a month and use vets!

  13. Maybe because of all this debt mentioned above a group should start looking into where our money goes. Every little bit counts. Start with the give away at habernickle. And change the name of that park for God’s sake!

  14. 7:32am the posts are not even accurate. Don’t believe it just because anonymous wrote it..
    Already been reported elksis a water utlily purchase for the water deot. 3:24 and 4:27 seriously stop posting lies and wrong budget facts. Try watching a council meeting or actually learning how to read a budget.

     Stoo making it up as you go and posting as fact.

  15. New Year’s wish: that residents wishing to be elected to the village council express a strong interest in leading and demonstrate how their experience, character, and availability make them worth voting for. It is disheartening that the only way anybody runs for local, state, or federal office these days is to bash everybody else. It’s not very convincing, either. And if it’s already well under way, what will the next four months be like? Shudder.

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