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Reader says Aronsohn “hold no prisoners” philosophy has been applied with a vengeance, and has turned people off in a big way

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After observing early smear tactics I expected a preparatory scorched-earth policy to be followed by “and now see why we are better.” But all they did was to repeat a few false accusations in different media. Demonstrating relevant experience (civil rights attorney job is not relevant) or even superior character (hah!) was the next logical step after an unfortunate opening salvo, but it never happened and clearly won’t/can’t. Besmirching one’s opponents is not enough in itself. Challengers must also demonstrate why they would do a better job. If anything, these tactics, besides warning anyone with eyes and ears that the Aronsohn “hold no prisoners” philosophy had been applied with a vengeance, have turned people off in a big way. /We are not indifferent to, but frankly alarmed by, the possibility of handing over the village’s daily oversight to people who behave in this way and should clearly know better. Election night is often dreaded because of what it might bring, and sometimes has, but this time (as before) the landslide that will tell that crew to give up and, if possible, get out will be a tremendous relief.

11 thoughts on “Reader says Aronsohn “hold no prisoners” philosophy has been applied with a vengeance, and has turned people off in a big way

  1. We’re hoping and praying for that landslide but some prominent people have Harwin signs posted and are telling me to vote that way. I don’t know how many are in their hands but I was surprised, and shocked, to see how many signs are actually up. So. voters, don’t assume it’s going to be a landslide our way and skip voting. If you do that, we could lose. So please get all your friends, family and neighbors out to make that landslide happen.

  2. I’m sure part of Aronsohn’s plan is to hope for a low sedon/Knudsen turnout as they expect a landslide and hope that his candidates slide in. Please vote. Remember that Killian lost his election by only a few votes. Every vote is important.

  3. Whoever suggests that it will be a landslide is dead wrong. The biggest danger is low turnout which definitely plays to Aronsohn advantage. I was shocked too to see many signs for Harwin popup everywhere in my street vicinity. I am the only one with Susan\Sedon signs on my lawn. What was more surprising was that my next door neighbor who never engages in open politics put up Harwin/Willet signs right after I did mine. A lot of hate going around. And make no mistake. Majority of people will also vote along political party lines. All the people who support Harwin are leftists. Majority (not all) who will vote for Susan are conservatives. Judging by national election’s voting records Harwin has a pretty good chance for an upset.

  4. I love that picture

  5. I am solidly on the left but would not vote for anyone supported by Aronsohn in a million years. I love the fact that the Ridgewood Council has always been “stigma free”–i.e., free of political party foolishness. I agree with previous posts reinforcing the importance of getting out the vote. Call/email friends/neighbors on May 7 or the morning of May 8 to reinforce this and make sure they didn’t forget. Offer to drive anyone who may need it. Every vote counts in a smallish suburb with a traditionally low turnout. Although we won’t be electing a governor or members of Congress, we will be determining who takes care of us versus developers for the next four years as the revised Master Plan is carefully crafted.

  6. Susan is NOT a conservative – not by a long shot.
    What she is, is the more reasonable candidate and the one interested in RIDGEWOOD issues.
    Harwin is a radical who IS NOT interested in local Ridgewood issues. She is more interested in USING Ridgewood to advance an External (non-Ridgewood) agenda.

  7. who said Susan was a conservative ???

  8. OK as they’re all dirty dirty dirty Who cares who wins it will be the same dirty games.

  9. 8:21, that is often said but it’s not true that all candidates are alike. Dig one inch below the surface and it will become clear.

  10. Harwin is being promoted by Woman for progress cause she’s a woman and a dem. Period. Not remotely because she’s qualified. And she’s not. Voting for her is a vote for Paul and a step closer to having Roberta re hired and we are done. Dead.

  11. Paul and Roberta should be in PRISON for what they did to our beautiful town (sorry, “Village”).

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