After observing early smear tactics I expected a preparatory scorched-earth policy to be followed by “and now see why we are better.” But all they did was to repeat a few false accusations in different media. Demonstrating relevant experience (civil rights attorney job is not relevant) or even superior character (hah!) was the next logical step after an unfortunate opening salvo, but it never happened and clearly won’t/can’t. Besmirching one’s opponents is not enough in itself. Challengers must also demonstrate why they would do a better job. If anything, these tactics, besides warning anyone with eyes and ears that the Aronsohn “hold no prisoners” philosophy had been applied with a vengeance, have turned people off in a big way. /We are not indifferent to, but frankly alarmed by, the possibility of handing over the village’s daily oversight to people who behave in this way and should clearly know better. Election night is often dreaded because of what it might bring, and sometimes has, but this time (as before) the landslide that will tell that crew to give up and, if possible, get out will be a tremendous relief.