file photo by Boyd Loving

Keep it two way. The posts asking for better signage are legit. And while the HS student story is sad, making it one way won’t change the danger of crossing the tracks. This is one more case of the Village Engineer’s idiocy! The average vehicle is 6′ wide. North Monroe (25mph) is approximately 29′ from curb to curb, between Fairmont and Patricia Ct – but No Parking on either side (even though there’s 17′ of clearance). Most cars coming up Glenwood from HoHoKus turn onto Hillcrest.. Whether you turn left or right on Hillcrest, between Hamilton and Fairmont the road average 21′ – 23; But there’s Parking on both sides of the street!!!. So if there’s a truck (which is wider than 6′) is parked on both sides of the street (like landscapers do in the summer) you have less than a foot of clearance – God forbid that a fire truck has to get through! So the same “brain trust” that puts this into place now wants to screw around with Glenwood.