We have flogged the tired horse that is the small business ills of their business plans and exactions of second seating ln on peak business volumes ,general growth of their small to medium sized businesses.
Not one business is safe from the risks of completion ,social change,consumer trends and e commerce and Amazon and big box store
massive parking and long hours all of which creates even more competiton..even the big box stores face virtual competiton of Amazon,Walmart,Clothing and other E retailers.
These competitive global issues are not the responsibility of the towns taxpayers to fix with massice cap ex for comuter and shoppers raised garages .Local. shoppers circle the district and park and walk where we can and get out of our cars and get some needed exercise.
no store owners your parking excuses are killing the taxpayers patience and the towns budgets if we build some half pint Garazilla
Amazon and E commerce won’t stop their charge and e should Mill Pave
reconstruct always and install Parking Kiosks in the existing surfed lots.
How long must this debate go on. PS The town businesses do not intend to modify their employees parking habits.lits first come and first serve like everything else in life.ll