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Reader says competitive global issues are not the responsibility of the towns taxpayers to fix


We have flogged the tired horse that is the small business ills of their business plans and exactions of second seating ln on peak business volumes ,general growth of their small to medium sized businesses.
Not one business is safe from the risks of completion ,social change,consumer trends and e commerce and Amazon and big box store
massive parking and long hours all of which creates even more competiton..even the big box stores face virtual competiton of Amazon,Walmart,Clothing and other E retailers.
These competitive global issues are not the responsibility of the towns taxpayers to fix with massice cap ex for comuter and shoppers raised garages .Local. shoppers circle the district and park and walk where we can and get out of our cars and get some needed exercise.
no store owners your parking excuses are killing the taxpayers patience and the towns budgets if we build some half pint Garazilla
Amazon and E commerce won’t stop their charge and e should Mill Pave
reconstruct always and install Parking Kiosks in the existing surfed lots.
How long must this debate go on. PS The town businesses do not intend to modify their employees parking habits.lits first come and first serve like everything else in life.ll

8 thoughts on “Reader says competitive global issues are not the responsibility of the towns taxpayers to fix

  1. Let me understand:
    -No one wants housing downtown
    -You say businesses cannot survive downtown

    So what you want to do with the whole downtown area? Let it become pawn shops, banks and nail salons? Plant grass and then raise taxes to cover the lost ratable land? Build McMansions?

    Sure there are global forces at play which make it hard for local businesses to succeed. But if they fail, we all lose. To support local businesses, American jobs and American companies, we may need to do things like find parking solutions that allow them to compete with the convenience of Amazon. Sure those are larger global issues but the bottom line is we need to preserve our downtown.

  2. Exactly. Let the free market decide the direction of our downtown. Social engineering in the guise of parking garages simply won’t succeed. Look at the Sealfon’s building that is being torn down to build the apartment projects – – best parking in town but the business closed. Why does anyone think that a parking garage placed in another section of town is going to yield any different result?

  3. If free market is the answer then you have to be happy about the apartments going in. That is what the market is saying it wants. You can’t have it both ways.

    As for the difference in the proposed garage, maybe because there is a train station next to this one that services thousands of commuters a day? Sealfons closed about 20 years ago. It was a department store from another era. They never found a reasonable replacement tenant.

  4. no, that’s not what the market wants ,that’s what the developers through government regulation are forcing on Ridgewood taxpayers and many other towns, no one is moving to new jersey

  5. so what does the market want downtown Ridgewood?

  6. Would people spend just a little more time editing their articles and comments with proper grammar, capitalization and punctuation so that they are more legible? This goes for contributors and commenters. Other than that, I enjoy the service the RB provides. Many thanks.

  7. 2:04. it’s a blog..not a term paper..your concerns noted..

  8. 8:46, even a blog should be written in such a way that the writer’s point can be understood and not resemble a 12-year-old’s incomprehensible textspeak. Thanks for noting…

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