“The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is. ” Winston Churchill.

Put another way, truth does not equate to nastiness and yes, some countries are indeed shitholes. By any reasonable metric (per capita GDP, average longevity, infant mortality, hours per day the electricity is on, availability of clean water, basic human rights protections, percentage of GDP stolen by politicians, nutritional intake, average educational level, percentage of the country ruled by warlords or criminal gangs, etc. etc.), Haiti, Somalia and North Korea are “shitholes”. Shitholes are usually distinguished by comparing the number of people trying (or merely wishing) to get out of the country compared to the number trying to get in. If the former is above five figures or 30 percent and the latter is approaching zero, the country probably qualifies as a shithole. Usually, shitholes have reached their wretched state because of the culture and institutions (not the skin color, but nice try at attempting to inject the hackneyed Leftist racial angle) of the people who live in them. And be honest (if you’re capable), who would be more likely to have a positive contribution to the United States in terms of employability (aka “self-sufficiency”) and taxes paid vs. benefits consumed, someone from the countries listed above or someone from Norway (not exclusively, that was simply the leader Trump had just met with). Either way, this question is above Mayor Packer’s pay grade and he has absolutely nothing to say about who moves to Glen Rock. That is determined by the means of the person who rents or buys there, which usually excludes people who emigrate from shitholes. He should stick to his knitting and just make sure the potholes get filled in on time. As for you, if your bleeding heart keeps you up at night,, sponsor a family in a qualifying country (as I have for a family in Guatemala for 25+ years). But don’t ask the rest of us to do what you won’t just because your party’s policies always fail and you simply want to nullify our suffrage with the votes of the eternally-dependent.