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Reader says , ” Financially, it’s a disaster that’s being foisted on the Ridgewood taxpayer”

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Hey, ‘OMG guy/gal’…it’s not the garage as much as it is the a) wrong location and b) being built for the wrong reason. We’re going to shoe-horn a ginormus building in a tiny area with one-ways and narrow streets? Dumb. Financially, it’s a disaster that’s being foisted on the Ridgewood taxpayer at the behest of the shopowners who want people to buy their crappy, overpriced items after walking 5 blocks. One only needs to see the big smile on the mayor’s face when he stood net to Josh at the tree lighting. Perfect photo op time to build his Democrat resume.

9 thoughts on “Reader says , ” Financially, it’s a disaster that’s being foisted on the Ridgewood taxpayer”

  1. New meter rates needed (per Walker report projected to be an additional $.50 per hour increase) once debt service payments are required, will hurt most village businesses much more than the benefit to be realized by a few businesses close to garage.
    Risk to taxpayers is that if council does not follow through on having street meters pay for garage, property taxes will need to pay garage debt service.

  2. They can always get the money from the water department , right that piggy bank his fine. They have plenty of money right, right, like I said right,

  3. You know what’s scary every five years or so we have a new mayor ,council ,manager ,and at times directors and other supervision is always on the change. The days of long time loyalty is over. These positions come and go. Just look how many have been Deleted. how many positions are not even in place anymore in the village. Where did all that money go. ?? People the writing is on the wall. In 10 years the village cannot sub stain this anymore. All of the old crew will be gone. We as tax professionals can see Sanitation recycling being prioritized. Then oh then. Time to move now.

  4. Just so wrong … sad for the town we once loved but glad we left this mess behind.

  5. Holy misleading rendering! I can only assume that the rendering is supposed to depict the northeast corner of Hudson and Broad. Lots of open space (will the K of C be demo’d) and the roads appear to be as wide as the Champs-Élysées and even depict a car headed in the wrong direction down Hudson Street (I assume he/she will be ticketed). Can’t wait.

  6. we miss your reasonable tone and vision departed neighbor..we are mostly not far behind your family to exit an almost broken town..very sad ,,most taxpayers are passionate about our town we once believed was on a reasonable fiscal and ethical path ,,but no longer the case

    parking investments are insane..

  7. The town is not running the way it should be running, we have many individuals in supervision that are incompetent. Just look at the last snowstorm. And look at this year‘s leaf season . What disaster. It shows lack of experience how things are being handled. Disgusted very on organized.

  8. Rendering is false and town should be held responsible for
    this misrepresentation to taxpayers..

    k of c indeed has been extracted by the VC SPACE Ships where their dreams of towns bending to their sponsors will.
    They Don’t Care ..that we know..Action Time New Years ahead,

  9. your thinking of Arosohns fraud , this garage is smaller and fits in the parking lot

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