It is an endevour gone sour. I agree with the above comment. Get out of the real estate business you are doing a poor job of it at the gate house. None of the activities bringing in major revenue for a private business are monitored by the village. When questions are asked to the village in regards to these activities they do NOT know the answers!!! It was never fair what was done to this neighborhood. No other active field or park also has a very active business in it! out of respect for all tax payers it should be at the absolute least monitored and controlled by the village. I was there yesterday with my small children after school and the amount of cars in the parking lot and in the street was ridiculous. All the fields were being used and the drivers had no respect for myself and my kids in bikes. I saw illegal parking, u turns on the street backing up from soccer moms just to get out of the driveway all the while more and more cars coming for classes or whatever at the gatehouse. Insane, unsafe and sad!!! It was a beautiful peaceful place to bring your kids but no longer. Lights or no lights it is a mess!!!!