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Reader says Heather needs to take a daily trip at different times of the day instead of believing what Stacey tells her

I would like to see a copy of the lease and actually see what is permitted. Heather needs to take a daily trip at different times of the day instead of believing what Stacey tells her. And since her lease clearly does not have a clause permitting evening drinking parties (How does THAT connect with teaching children healthy living?) Do they pay for permits? Provide insurance to cover uses outside of their original lease? She may have a good idea for a business but not on town owned property. We provide every possible service to her free of charge. If it was not located there she would have to pay for water, electricity for outside lights as well as inside the house, grounds upkeep, etc, etc. All of this she gets for free. We need some camera toting people to photograph the buses, town workers doing everything on her property, and evening parties. I always thought Heather was astute and intelligent but she seems to have been brainwashed by someone on this subject!

9 thoughts on “Reader says Heather needs to take a daily trip at different times of the day instead of believing what Stacey tells her

  1. I heard some neighbors at least 5 of them have taken photos and have signed petitions about the buses and nothing has happened except the owner TRYING to take legal action which back fired on her but definitely made the town council aware of her character

  2. Heather has turned out to be a total failure. It is sad. She is not doing her job and for some reason the council is not holding her feet to the fire. Heather should GET RID OF Healthbarn. Healthbarn is a disaster on every level.

  3. Antine’s failed attempt at legal action did NOTHING to turn the council against her. I am disgusted with the five of them. They need to break her lease and kick her out on her vegan ass.

  4. Habernackle park …is a great addition to the community and gives back so much to the kids in the way of sports which brings more cars ….on the street thsn a bus ever will, as well as the nutrition and garden learnings. And they’re is a revenue stream. This 5 neighbor’s should move if they don’t like it.

  5. Change the name. Habernackle didn’t donate the park. The good citizens of NJ paid for that park and the Ridgewood taxpayers paid for the improvements.

  6. The revenue stream is for one person only Stacy Antine. How dare you say tax payers move healthbarn should. She is costing every tax payer in town money. Gives back nothing without a charge. The only thing she she pays is rent!!! Like any other tenant would and she has broken her lease!

  7. When people move near a park they know what to expect. Some ball games, people coming with their families, joggers, walkers, etc. They do not expect there to be a commercial enterprise with busses coming and going, birthday parties as many as three a day on the weekends, etc. Whoever you are, “Taxpayer,” you are probably Gwenn Hauck. She had the audacity to shout at someone from the dais that they should just move.

  8. It would be so nice for this just to be a real nightmare and it would be gone in the morning. However, it is a real nightmare that the council has absolutely decided to do nothing about. Do the sunshine laws allow a taxpayer to see a copy of the lease? Stacy is obviously here to stay so we taxpayers are going to have to rise up and sue her to obtain her removal. For that, we’ll need an original copy of the lease as well as the amount and type of insurance she carries. Does anyone know how we can go about getting to the truth?

  9. Does the Sunshine law give us the right to see her original lease and the amount and type of insurance she carries? For some reason our council will not take a single step to remove her. She has to be operating a business that is much larger than the scope of her contract. Does anyone know how we can get copies of her lease? Obviously, those of us that are sure she’s gone way over the bounds of her contract are going to have to take her to court. I just wish the council would be honest and say something along the lines of “We adore her. She can do no wrong.” and give us some VALID reasons why they are letting her stay. Instead of just pretending that they can see no problems at all with her and thus have no reason to tell us why.

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