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Reader says ,”How easy it is to attack instead of using your time to help out”

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“Its so easy to post anonymous comments, isn’t it? You can say anything you want, and not be responsible for explaining your statements. Re: the posts:
The ad hoc committee had a lot of friction, but in the end a compromise was reached; lets not forget the public paid for the purchase of the property so all views had to be aired and discussed. The results of the committee (and yes, the four of us were the voice of the neighbors, even though I do not live in the neighborhood) were a berm with trees, sheltering Route 17 from the smaller field (NOT the 90′ field which is what the neighbors opposed), and an evergreen tree line along West Saddle River Road, further sheltering the residents . Also, a playground (the neighbors had no public fields previously), restrooms, restoring the house for public use (the neighbors had no community space), and historical markers along a walking trail. The 90 ft field (which it turns out was not needed in the first place) is replaced by a smaller kickball/youth soccer field. Before Isabella died, she understood the need for a smaller field, and was not opposed to recreation areas. The Friends of Schedler met and the majority agreed a smaller field was a good compromise; the vote was not 100%, not everyone agreed, but the majority did. The evergreen tree line was going in along W. Saddle River Road, a plus for the residents who previously had noise and pollution from the traffic along Route 17 from deciduous trees.
Once the berm is finished, the area will be restored as much as possible. How easy it is to attack instead of using your time to help out.”

7 thoughts on “Reader says ,”How easy it is to attack instead of using your time to help out”

  1. Exploiting the stupidity of the American voter is fun and easy: kinda like squeezing a lemon.

  2. That top secret committee that got together made slanted decisions in the interest to play soccer. The property was specifically left out of the historical proposal to build the field. But of course the field is historical where do you think 800 troops of the American army slept. And blah blah blah.. No actions nothing is completed, regardless whether right or wrong. Do something

  3. What neighborhood has community space? Habernickel neighbors got a business that made the park VERY uninviting but these neighbors get trees 1 field and community space?

  4. Just wait Habernickel neighbors were lied to too

  5. Habernickel has a pond, walking trails, fields to play in, a beautiful land to enjoy instead of looking at a development and a successful business that is paying revenue to the town instead of more of our taxes and making kids learn. What more can be positive. Such naysayers…

  6. Careful squeezing that lemon, they often spurt juice in your face. I’m afraid the total abandonment of the house on the Shedler property has allowed it to reach the state where parts of the exterior are actually falling off and the inside is probably riddled with carpenter ants. If all it is being saved for is so the residents off of West Saddle River Road have a place to meet, the cost for such a limited, non-paying group is off the wall. Also, any possible historic “discoveries” have been well covered by all that possibly hazardness junked soil from the building sites. They are now covering the driveway with it as the original dumpers started too close to the house. That will certainly be an interesting mix as there is no way the dirt can be removed without adding the driveway (pure pollution!) to it.

  7. Blah blah blah…Hey “Committee,” FOLLOW PROTOCOL…the plan was to be a result of public comments during the public hearing. Instead, you devised a plan based on self interest and an alleged meeting held at your personal house. Like your committee, invites were restricted and participants hand selected.

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