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Reader says , “Hudson-Bergen Light Rail would keep hard working tax payers from fleeing the state.”

” Finally, how great! The state of NJ has been doing everything possible to chase tax payers out of the state and make our lives difficult. Now, finally, something is being done to make our lives better. Our home values will rise, it will be easier to get to Jersey City, Hudson yards, and the ferries where so many jobs are being created, to Manhattan for work or pleasure, and Hoboken for work or pleasure.
With our high taxes and traffic we suffer with, our elected officials must do every thing possible to keep the hard working tax payers from fleeing the state. Thank you so much for the new light rail. “

4 thoughts on “Reader says , “Hudson-Bergen Light Rail would keep hard working tax payers from fleeing the state.”

  1. This is zero benefit to Ridgewood residents .
    It’s being funded by 2 billion dollars that granny wienburg earmarked from th gas tax that was supposed to fix roads
    There are more pothole on state roads than ever before.
    Another pork barrel waster of money.

  2. Your absolutely right, ZERO benefit for anyone in Ridgewood, Midland Park, Glen Rock et al.
    5 days until my for sale sign goes up and I’m leaving all of you here. Good luck with the liberals and their unions SCREWING you at every possible opportunity that you have closed your eyes to for years because, well, we have great schools. How’s that working out for ya?
    Bye Felicia.

  3. Regarding Bergen county and state roads you’re absolutely right. They both need to step up and start repairing their roads it’s ridiculous. It’s their responsibility we pay taxes for our local officials must call the county and state to repair their roads.

  4. Weinberg is another politico who would have helped her constituents by virtue of term limits. Too long in office, too much power.

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