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Reader says I am writing to say how ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS the water at Graydon Pool was this summer.

Graydon Pool Ridgewood

I also believe Daniel Cramblitt, Assistant Superintendent of the Park and Shade Tree Department, should be commended for the SPARKLING CLEAN water at Graydon this summer! His turning over of the sand to kill algae spores and prevent algae growth, a new chlorine pump, and the fact that he was at the pool often to inspect, supervise, and answer questions, made a HUGE difference in the water quality! It seemed to have brought in more people this season as well!

I DIDN’T get any BUM’S RUSH on Labor Day either; especially since I didn’t come out of the water until 7:25!!!
I’m going to attach the letter I wrote to Mayor Ramon Hache about it:
Mayor Ramon Hache and Council:
I am writing to say how ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS the water at Graydon Pool was this summer. I believe that Daniel Cramblitt, Park Manager, had something to do with that and I would not only like to thank him, but inform others about it and give credit where credit is due! I believe the Village of Ridgewood is one of the most beautiful in the area of Bergen County, not only for its gorgeous Ridgewood Avenue with all its shops, parks, restaurants, train station, and activities, but mainly because of the SPARKLING CLEAN GRAYDON POOL that I’ve nicknamed THIS SEASON, “Caribbean Blue!”
I’ve been a member of Graydon Pool since 2011. I think it’s gorgeous with its surrounding trees, sandy and grassy areas, restaurant, gazebos, etc. etc. I go for the exercise; I swim an hour each time, for the socialization; I’ve met so many nice people there, for resting, reading, eating my lunch, and best of all, it makes me feel like I’m on vacation while being so close to home! I don’t have to drive 60 miles to the ocean and worry about rough water, jellyfish, and all those tolls. (I was strictly an “ocean person” before I started swimming at Graydon!) It’s extremely convenient and I greatly appreciate it!
I’ve heard that many people wanted to make Graydon into a few cement swimming pools because it had a reputation of having water that wasn’t as clean as it should be. At times, I could see that the water was dirty and couldn’t understand why they couldn’t keep the water sparkling clean EVERY day… UNTIL THIS SUMMER! It couldn’t have been better! I hope it continues for years to come!
A Graydon Fan,
Ann Marie Costantino
P. S. Many of the “regulars” who sat in the same area as I did agree with me!

3 thoughts on “Reader says I am writing to say how ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS the water at Graydon Pool was this summer.

  1. Agree, it was a banner year at Graydon. Just please, FIX THE BATHROOMS

  2. Bathroom re-do money has been in the budget since last year. They just have to get themselves on the ball and spend it already. SOON, Council–but with the oversight of an architect who specializes in historic buildings. Do not allow Rutishauser to get his hands on it!

  3. End the stupid requirement of taking a deep water test every year if you’re under 18. If you pass it 3 years in a row, you should not have to take it again, so long as you maintain a continuous membership. Some of these kids are passing it a 5 & 6 years old, maybe younger. Why have them continue to take the test for 12 more years? Waste of time and resources.

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