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Reader says I attended a coffee for Harwin and one for Knudsen and Sedon. the difference is staggering.


There are clearly some people here that need to put forth a little effort. You cant avoid the responsibility of being informed and then complain. I attended a coffee for Harwin and one for Knudsen and Sedon. the difference is staggering. While the Knudsen/Sedon website offers a wealth of information, the Mayor and Deputy Mayor gave us all an amazing amount of information beyond that about what they are doing to address some of these complaints. For all you know, the road you’re complaining about is a county road, out of our jurisdiction to repair, and the commuter parking issue is being dealt with in a way that will serve us while saving us a lot of money.
May I suggest that a couple of you complainers drag your asses to a coffee and ask a few questions before you reach your conclusions. Knudsen and Sedon answered every single one. Harwin couldn’t get away from me fast enough. Perhaps because I had to correct her a few times. And Willett? Can’t even find a Willett coffee. Are they only for certain people?

30 thoughts on “Reader says I attended a coffee for Harwin and one for Knudsen and Sedon. the difference is staggering.

  1. Now I want to go to Sook but it’s raining too hard.

  2. Well I was at a Knudsen coffee and it was eerily similar to the last one I went to for Keith Killion. Short discussion on roads and parking and then a quick turn to Aronsohn bashing. At least the Mayor held her infamous temper in check which must be so hard for her.

  3. and Killion was right

  4. I’m not sure Ms. Willett has even been told she’s running again. She was apparently unaware 2 years ago too.

  5. It is more than a tad ironic when Susan is accused of having a fiery temper. Not many people could have kept their cool for so long while idiots insulted them and their families. People often ask her how she does it. Once again we see Freud-quality projection by the Aronsohn Team.

  6. WOW 9:12 I can’t believe Killion bashed Aronsohn . I know that Paul never bashed anyone. He alway played it straight up and never brought politics in to the subject of what he was going to do for Ridgewood.

  7. Bashing Paul didn’t exactly work out for Keith (whether Keith was right or wrong, James). And his bad strategy has cost us all. Interesting that you all think that’s the right strategy now when Paul’s not even on the ballot.

  8. don’t blame Keith because you voted for a guy who tried to destroy the town , fyi I went to many of Keith’s coffees and he never bashed Aronsohn

  9. Thats really great 8:25 now your saying it all Killion’s fault? It cost us all because you and other fell for Paul’s bullshit. You just cant admitted it.

  10. Since you were there 9:12 maybe yo can tell us some of the thing that Killion said about Aronsohn. Lets see if they were true or are you just a troll ?

  11. Killion was not bashing Paul. He knew what Paul would do. Its the residents that voted for the 3 Amigos that fell for the bullshit. Blame them for being so gullible

  12. I got to tell you James I think it was George Walker Bush’s fault that Aronsohn got elected along with Killion.

  13. I was very involved when Keith ran for the second time. I never heard him bash Paul although many of us were hearing from multiple sources the things Paul was saying about Keith. Paul actively tried to keep Keith’s son from getting on the police force and he did it from the dais along with bashing Bernie Walsh, Tom Richie, Chief Ward, Heather Mailander, and countless citizens. Mayor Killian was a true gentlemen at all times. Paul never is and he has rage issues. Those we have heard because he can’t control himself. Keith lost by 9 votes I believe. What a loss to the community. We didn’t campaign hard enough for him.

  14. Who thinks Paul is not on the ballot this time? He is, in the form of a young lady lawyer bobblehead

  15. Keith did not ever talk like that. I often wished he would, but he wouldn’t. So to hear this now is almost comical. It fits in with the tissue of lies that seems to be all that group has to offer.

    I think when the counting was done, he lost to Gwenn Hauck by only 6 votes. It was a shocker that we are paying for to this day. Let’s not let this happen again. In a small-town election with low turnout (maybe 25% if it doesn’t rain), every vote counts. Talk to friends, neighbors, and family members age 18+. Remind them of the election date (Tues., May 8, only 3 weeks from tomorrow) and voting hours (a generous 14 hours, from 6 AM to 8 PM). Offer to drive them or buy them ice cream–just get them there–and recommend that they vote lines 3 and 4!

  16. Oh yes, and then the unicorns flew over the rainbows and farted gold dust. Keith proved one thing that night in Gerry’s living room: you won’t win by accomplishing nothing and running against someone. In fact you’ll come in fourth. Yet we still use that tactic. Why? Accomplishments are what wins for incumbents. Why aren’t we talking about those?

  17. First of all, Aronsohn got rid of Killion by switching teams 2 weeks before the election. He won by deceit, as did his protégé Voigt.

    As for 9:12’s comment, which Knudsen/Sedon coffee did you attend? There was absolutely no mention of Aronsohn at the ones I attended. Mayor Knudsen and Deputy Mayor Sedon had so much information to impart and did such a great job answering everyone’s questions, there was no time to talk about that loser has-been wannabe liar.

    In contrast, at Ms. Harwin’s coffee, we got 20 minutes of Ms. Harwin talking about her career as an attorney, ten minutes of Knudsen/Sedon bashing, and maybe another five or so about how she’s going to make the police do better background checks and spend Ridgewood Water revenue on municipal expenses (wait…isn’t that …well…illegal?). She didn’t talk about Aronsohn either, but he was right there, smiling or grimacing at all the right moments.

  18. Keith didn’t need to bash anyone. it is not his style, never was! Keith’s decisions were based on his honor, integrity and what was best for the town. Few people I know, if any has such an in-depth knowledge of the VOR. Every decision Keith made was to make our village a better place for all residents. Keith has dedicated most of his life to making the village a great place to live, and raises our families. When Keith left office the village lost a great asset.Thank you for your service Keith!

  19. 8 votes people!!! And for that we get 4 massive developments! Please VOTE May 8th for Knudsen and Mike…DO NOT LET THEM BACK IN!

  20. Please, don’t compare Arohnson to Killion. Arohnson revealed himself as a fake, through and through. Killion remains a gentleman who has the interests of the town at heart.

  21. 10:35 Gerry who ? What did Killion say? When you voted did you get what your wanted from your candidate?

  22. I don’t think much of Keith Killion. I have seen him with Jeff Voigt twice. Guessing that Killion is drinking the evil potions of the dark side.

  23. 8:44 I guess talking to someone that you don’t like make you evil. Typical for people in Ridgewood. Killion talks to everyone and I really think that he doesn’t give to shits what people think. People like you is the reason this blog has poster write anonymously so people like you don’t don’t judge them and call them evil.

    “Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven.

  24. Agin I ask 10:35 ? Gerry who ? What did Killion say? When you voted did you get what your wanted from your candidate? Nothing to say?

  25. I agree, Killion does not care what people think. But people think, regardless.

  26. Killion was never a back stabber and he was only interested in the best for the town. Some of our newcomers could care less about Ridgewood but they view our elections as a way to obtain future fame and fortune. Anyone remember Paul’s failed election run? He is obviously still trying to get ahead in some other part of Bergen County’s election races. If he succeeds in getting Harwin in, he’s sure he’ll get another chance. (to be charged a fine for illegal actions?)

  27. Again I ask 10:35 ? Gerry who ? What did Killion say? When you voted did you get what your wanted from your candidate? Nothing to say?
    Speak up troll

  28. I think James should stop blaming Harwin for his own animosity towards the town. She is a great candidate, and whoever does not appreciate that should really read up on the issues.

  29. 456 – – what does she stand for other than “making things better”? How is she a great candidate and how is she going to be a breath of fresh air, when she presents herself as little more than an Arohnson flunkie? How can you support someone who does not disavow supporters who bash a church and a charity in town?
    But, perhaps you are right, she may very well be a “great candidate” and great tactical politician, but one who turns out to be a disaster as an actual Council Member.

  30. sticks and stones may break my bones , but marijuana is still not legal in new jersey

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