There are clearly some people here that need to put forth a little effort. You cant avoid the responsibility of being informed and then complain. I attended a coffee for Harwin and one for Knudsen and Sedon. the difference is staggering. While the Knudsen/Sedon website offers a wealth of information, the Mayor and Deputy Mayor gave us all an amazing amount of information beyond that about what they are doing to address some of these complaints. For all you know, the road you’re complaining about is a county road, out of our jurisdiction to repair, and the commuter parking issue is being dealt with in a way that will serve us while saving us a lot of money.
May I suggest that a couple of you complainers drag your asses to a coffee and ask a few questions before you reach your conclusions. Knudsen and Sedon answered every single one. Harwin couldn’t get away from me fast enough. Perhaps because I had to correct her a few times. And Willett? Can’t even find a Willett coffee. Are they only for certain people?