Yes hopefully whatever they do over there you get more consideration that the habernickel neighborhood. Those people got fields that host 2 different sports games and practices and then a slap in the face with a private business that has bus after bus come and go. The business was given a large price of property and 12 parking spots. Village employees are constantly there doing one thing or another to help this business do well and all on Ridgewood tax payers dime. $20.000 front steps!!! When a family lived there the village did not have the maintenance it has now and our town sports had parking. Lose lose for us tax payers. Win win for healthbarn. Who are the fools now?

Maybe they can develop it into fields like habernickel and take away the peace and quiet that exists in that neighborhood too. And then after you put fields there you can add a for profit business like at habernickel that is generating a very large income for the private owner yet causing disturbances in the neighborhood on an hourly basis. Then if that isn’t enough utilize the passive side for children’s lacrosse because we all know how peaceful it is to have screaming kids and coaches in your backyard. Maybe schedler folk would enjoy all that the habernickel folk have to endure!! It is really great when it all happens at once. The never ending goings on of the private business, soccer and baseball practice on the fields and parks and rec lacrosse programs