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Reader says I often wonder about the people who drive that carelessly

School Crossing

As a member of the Citizens Safety board, I can tell you we and the police and the town are well aware of how dangerous that particular corner is. Additionally, I was the safety chairperson for BF for a long time. Roseanne is a dedicated employee and has literally risked her life many times crossing those kids. People drive through there in criminal fashion – speeding and flagrantly ignoring her. Speeding cars cut it so close and fast they have even clipped her STOP sign while it’s in her hand! I’ve stood there in the morning observing and she does not haplessly waddle, nor does the job render her out of breath.
If anything, it is HER corner that is dangerous enough to warrant extra manpower. True accidents do happen, and it’s tragic, but I often wonder about the people who drive that carelessly. I wonder if they think about the fact that their desperate need to pick a few seconds or minutes to get where they are going could result in the the knowledge – for the rest of their lives- that they killed another human being.

5 thoughts on “Reader says I often wonder about the people who drive that carelessly

  1. Crossing guards are underappreciated and are very caring individuals.

    Crossing guards get to know the kids. More than once I have seen a guard talking to a confused child – parent late, kid not sure if anyone was coming and maybe she should walk. Guards are very aware individuals.

    (Several years ago) Three blocks from Somerville our beloved crossing guard was talking to a first grader. The girl’s family had moved within Ridgewood and she was unsure of how to get home! Guard calmed her down and found that the girl’s equally upset mom was at school trying to find her! A caring adult on the route home is essential.

  2. GREAT JOB Roseanne and all of our other Hero s on Watch for both children and adult pedestrians in our busy town.HUGE positive impact and leadership as they also train our young citizens about risk and self responsibility for themselves and others that are with during off school do we honor their service. slow down..lif you are that much in a hurry leave the house 30 minutes earlier to arrive at work or errands in town.appraches towards route 17 are speed ways .lthat includes running
    Yellow Lights as they change.Pedestrians do your part..stop Jaywalking
    through reds lights are watching us for cues on behaviors

  3. I will never understand why there aren’t more speed traps in Ridgewood, particularly the main thoroughfares like Linwood, N Monroe, E and W Glen, Maple, etc. Those who regularly speed will either get ticketed, or slow down as a result of seeing the patrols. Seems like a no-brainer!

  4. How about enforcement for cross walks. crossing rdw ave at Irving coming off the bus each night is like playing frogger. maybe 1 in 10 drivers stops for the cross walk. amazing.

  5. The corner is dangerous for one simple reason. When the guard halts traffic flow to let kids cross the east side of Glen, cars headed east on Glen as well as cars trying to turn east from Van Dien onto Glen (many after dropping their kids off) stop.

    When the kids are done, cars already on Glen gets priority as they have no stop sign. Meanwhile traffic keeps piling up on Van Dien. This leads to visibly frustrated people who try to desperately look for an opening (between traffic on Glen) to dart in.

    The solution to this problem is either to 1) Have stop signs for traffic on Glen as well, at least during school hours, or 2) Have a more mobile and active crossing guard who can direct traffic as well as kids, stopping cars on Glen to allow traffic from Van Dien to blend in periodically.

    Once again, it seems like people are confused between ‘nice and caring’ and ‘effective.’ EVERYONE likes someone who is nice and caring. However, a crossing guard needs to be effective before being the former.

    The point of having a crossing guard is to help school children cross the road safely, in the midst of traffic flow. But it involves more than just holding up a stop sign and lowering it once kids are through. If traffic keeps building up on Van Dien and people keep getting frustrated, it will not lead to safer outcomes for anyone.

    Once again, I do not know who this person is and from all comments, it appears that she is a lovely person. I am sure that is true.

    But my comments are simply based on what I have seen driving past that spot a few times. The last time I was there, I was at the head of the line of cars waiting on Glen as kids crossed. There was a lady trying to creep in from Van Dien trying to turn onto Glen east. Once the kids were through, the crossing guard lowered the sign. She could have easily asked me to stop, pointed at a few cars from Van Dien to make their turn, and then asked me to continue on. But she just stood there looking semi-bewildered by the situation.

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