I too am a voracious reader and believe that a library is all about books books books.

But Nancy Greene is a brilliant director, fulling the needs of many different kinds of library patrons. Hence the library having in addition to books many programs, many discussion groups, many different types of resources.

Although I am personally disappointed that the new renovation, if it goes through, will have fewer books, I believe that director Nancy Greene, knows what she is doing, understands the current needs of the majority of patrons, who certainly do not include me.

Now if people like myself are ever going to change the situation we have to convince people of all ages to become more interested in reading books, instead of spending time consuming all the other media vying and getting their attention.

I as a reader, do not have more than two through thirteen for TV. I don’t own a smart phone or a tablet. When I travel I pack books to read. I don’t watch movies although I have a DVD player. Well, seldom do I use my DVD player. I have not joined Facebook. I don’t Twitter nor read Twitter accounts and other social media. I do read this Blog as an interested Ridgewood resident,

Nancy Greene knows that I am not the majority. She is catering to the majority as she should.