It was an electoral miracle that Ridgewood residents got their collective back up and soundly rejected the slate of three candidates that openly idolized and were in turn warmly endorsed by Aronsohn, Hauck and Pucciarelli (and, unofficially, by Sonenfeld). When in office from 2014-2016, Aronsohn, Hauck and Pucciarelli always seemed to have some sort of motivation different than what was best for the village as a whole. In 2016, by contrast, we thought we were voting for three candidates that, if elected, would produce in matters of importance a five-to-nothing unanimous vote in favor of whatever was best for Ridgewood and its residents. The last thing we wanted was another council member prone to wigging out and spitefully throwing a monkey wrench into the works every time someone came within a country mile of bumping into their precious little ego. Was it a pipe dream to think we had purged the Village Council of such nonsense? Four-out-of-five good eggs is not bad, but it is a far cry from five-out-of-five. Having one bad egg in a five-person Village Council sets up a situation in which the next municipal election could produce a three-to-two Aronsohn-like tyrannical majority bloc. And in the meantime, having that one bad egg colleague on the Village Council inevitably stresses out the four good-egg Council Members, precisely because they are good eggs! We desperately need the latter to remain in office, rather than quit in frustration. And clearly, we need to do whatever we can do to encourage them to run for re-election.