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Reader says in New Jersey it Pays to Be A Crook


So what’s goin to happen to them nottin. Like the guy who stole the quarters from the meters, basically nottin.
Whereas I once mistakenly years ago put quarters in the meter next to me along Van Nest square. The meters are super close together and if you are not used to meters , you can make a mistake. My meter had no time, the one next to me had a half hours worth of time and no vehicle was parked in the space, that was the one I had put the quarters into; I got a ticket; a cop was around, I pointed out the problem. He ignored my plea and I paid a parking fine. I will never forget.
The law is absolutely subjective. If you are rich ; if you drive a fancy car; I don’t, If you are a physically attractive women; If you have influence; if you run for congress against Garrett even if you lose. If you work for the Village, even if it turns out you are a crook; you get a pass. You are welcomed back to work in Ridgewood even if you stole near a million in quarters. If I walk into a shop here, browse and decide not to purchase an item, the next time I walk in I am treated coldly.

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