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Reader says it all , Not every job is a career. If you want more money, get a skill.


Executive Order No. 2017-01, officially making Bergen County the first county in the state of New Jersey to adopt a $15 minimum wage for its full time county workers.

Not every job is a career. If you want more money, get a skill.
It’s interesting that the Democrats use this crap to buy votes, but there will be fewer jobs as a result.
I find it very interesting that the Democrats use this issue to grandstand , but ignore the facts of how one of their own takes advantage of skilled workers. And it’s never reported in the media.
Maybe this blog can out it out there and get credit for exposing this abuse.
Dan Wolf owns Cape Air, a small regional airline that serves the northeast, the south, and Guam. They receive government subsidies for “essential air service ” to small communities in upstate NY. Cape air receives some of the highest RPMSM (revenue passenger seat miles ) in the industry. It costs more to fly from Boston to Nantucket in their ancient 9 passenger Cessna 402C than from NY to fla . In order to to work for Cape Air, the pilot/captain must have an ATP (airline transport pilot rating) which requires 1500 hours to even take th test. This requires YEARs of experience to obtain and easily $75-100,000 of training. According to the cape air website, (as of last month) the starting pay is $16.17 per hour. It’s a disgrace that this company takes advantage of skilled pilots who seek to build time and experience so they can get a better paying job with an airline that cares about their employees. Oh, and I must mention, Dan Wolf has been a Massachusetts State Senator for years. Perhaps he decided not to run again since this would be an issue. So the democrats are comfortable with paying no brain no skill fast food workers the same as their fellow democrat pays skilled pilots.

5 thoughts on “Reader says it all , Not every job is a career. If you want more money, get a skill.

  1. This is why the media reports a “pilot shortage”.
    There is no shortage of qualified pilots. There is however a shortage of those willing to work for shit wages.

  2. Yes that’s true but look where New Jersey is it’s in the hub of the world And you need to pay Fair labor rate . 9 dollars an hour shit .

  3. An examination of the Cape Air website reveals that although jobs are listed, no salaries are included in those listings. Perhaps “James” needs to provide actual links as evidence to support his statement.

    Besides, even if Cape Air underpays its employees, how is that an argument for Bergen County to pay its workers a salary below a living wage in Bergen County?

  4. you should direct your question to the person who wrote the comment

  5. The name on the comment is James.

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