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Reader says , “It blocks the clear site of the entrance into Ridgewood as you are driving down the highway “

NO!! it’s not the gas station that is the problem, James, it is the building, being constructed on the same lot of the gas station. It blocks the clear site of the entrance into Ridgewood as you are driving down the highway, RT 17. It is dangerous. You no longer can see clearly what is going on with cars exiting that entrance. Cars may crash into you exiting the wrong lane. Also, the gas station lot will be too crowded to safely move your car once you have gotten gas. Damn’t . The new Dunkin Donuts makes it dangerous for anyway going into that lot. I am talkin about the entrance into Ridgewood into Franklin Tpke after a Park and Ride where they are constructing a huge drive-in Dunkin Donuts. Read Friday’s Ridgewood News. First it was going to be a seven -eleven. NO matter what it is the building blinds the site of drivers who want to enter into Ridgewood. The town approved that construction because they do not care about the safety of people. Only about money.

For years ,since 1978 when I moved here, there was only a gas station there. Then it was not crowded and safe. Now on the highway it is a death trap to enter into Ridgewood because you are blinded by the building and getting gas will be dangerous because too crowded with Dunkin drivers. The lot of the SHell station was small to begin with.

8 thoughts on “Reader says , “It blocks the clear site of the entrance into Ridgewood as you are driving down the highway “

  1. Give it a rest Denise.

  2. I use this entrance multiple times a week and with the construction still ongoing (fencing) there are no issues getting onto the highway.

    This is a non-issue

  3. There is a bald eagle nest in the construction site. Denise photographed it

  4. It is ugly and it is stupid to build it there but fck it. The place is turning into a sh!thole brick by brick. Just keep building. At some point they will occupy the cemetery.

  5. Duck, are you OK???? It was a convenience store. Now it will be a D-Do. How is this turning the place into a sh!thole?

  6. Denise is an incredible photographer . . . to get a bald eagle over the Hackensack River with a cell phone camera while driving to work and drinking a latte? Incredible! But really, she just stole someone’s copyrighted professional photos (It’s okay Denise, we all saw the proof so you can give it up). What kind of wack job makes up a story like that . . . the same kind of wack job who complains about a DD on Route 17?

  7. Damn’t I am not Denise. I am complaining about driving Route 17 SOUTH SOUTH from Park and Ride for example, and wanting to enter Franklin Tpke at that exit or entry way whatever you want to call it. The big new building now blocks your vision of the whole entryway, whereas before you saw all the oncoming traffic. The way folks drive in NEW JOISEY and you can’t be too safe on the highway. The people who approved that Dunkin in that small lot will have blood and injuries on their hands. That lot is too small to safely contain more traffic.

    I did not take any photos. I don’t even have a cell phone with a camera.

  8. Damn it not Denise is Diane

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