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Reader says, ” It doesn’t take very long before they notice the rotting spell of greed and personal ambition”

We have lots of intelligent residents who lead and operate successful businesses. The problem is, we have to wait for them to retire so they could take a volunteer or paid position with Ridgewood. In the meantime people who have no experience and no knowledge of anything rush to see their names and faces in print. Some, like Knudsen, have been unable to realize she is no longer Mayor and keeps sending out “important announcements” before our current Mayor. Maybe this is requested help, and then I apologize. But her notices always preceded his by only a few minutes.

Riche, however did an excellent job. He had a “no bid” because no one else could supply what the Village wanted at that time. And when the Village equipment went down, he stayed on the job until it was repaired. And with him, we had no unneeded garages, useless handicapped ramp at Graydon, massive apartment building, a library that was built to be useful, not fancy with a bridal staircase. We had no waste and very little arguments.

I really feel sorry for all the the newer people in the last 6-10 years. They fall for the press and the realtors both painting brilliant pictures of Ridgewood as a town with great schools and many lovely amenities. It doesn’t take very long before they notice the rotting spell of greed and personal ambition, but by then, they are stuck. The only exception is the hundreds of families “who look on a computer to see what school district ratings on services for children with special needs are the best.” and then move here. (Quote directly from a new resident in our neighborhood who came from Atlanta.) We have a relatively small neighborhood and we have at least 5 families with children with autism and another building a house now, and they all moved here for the special schooling.
He was there to work and not to just figure out how to find ways to spend the town’s money.

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